Sunday, April 16, 2017

On And On! Mass Shooting In Columbus!

Another freaking mass shooting in Ohio.

I've celebrated Easter with my family. Have a safe and wonderful Easter.

For some, Easter is a life altering experience. There was another mass shooting in the United States today and it ended with nine people injured and the terrorist at large.

Gunfire at a local after-hours club left nine people being treated for gun shoot wounds.

Sharda Hall, Brooklyn Bradley, Diamond Harris, Ja'Voughn Henderson, Corneicia Pruitt, Keante McGrew, Kaadijah Travis, William Boswell and Jawaun McCrae are waking up in local hospitals today after being shot by a high powered firearm.

The terrorist opened fire at J&R Party Hall around 3am. This is the second mass shooting to happen in a short time, The previous encounter happened in Cincinnati where two were fatally killed and nearly 20 were injured by gunfire at a local bar.

The injuries are from minor to life-threatening and the Columbus Police and FBI are looking into who is responsible for this.

Once caught, they will face attempted murder, unlawful use of a firearm in a liquor establishment and felonious assault. Each charge could carry LIFE in the iron college. If any victim dies, it will be bumped to murder and the suspect could face the DEATH card.

The witness refuse to cooperate with the law. After the recent incident involving an officer serving a suspect a toe jam sandwich, many fear speaking to them.

The bar was called Cameo Night Club in Cincinnati. The bar is closed permanently. DeAndre Davis and Cornell Beckley were fingered as the shooters. Charges were dropped against Davis after he died of his injuries from the attack. Beckley is facing murder charges and numerous others. He plead not guilty. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Donald J. Trump, John Kasich, Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) were notified of the mass shooting.

Again, the inept lawmakers allow this to happen. And to make this clear, Trump will speak at the NRA Convention this month. He does not care about the lives lost to gun violence.

By the way, the tragedies of the past. We mark another year since the Columbine mass shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Virginia Tech mass shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing/mass shooting. Also the passing of rock/pop legend Prince happened this month.

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