Saturday, April 29, 2017

Joe Mixon Serving Cincinnati Knuckle Style Chili!

Joe Mixon is a Cincinnati Bengal.
The Cincinnati Bengals took a huge risk in drafting Joe Mixon to their roster. The whole situation with Mixon stems from an encounter that happened a few years ago. It became national headlines late last year when Mixon served a woman a helping of knuckle style chili.

The woman and Mixon got into a heated encounter. She slapped him and he served her a serving.

The woman had facial reconstruction surgery and her face wired shut.

When the NFL was cracking down on misbehavior on and off the field, Mixon was enrolling himself into the Draft.

Mixon since apologize and has clammed up pending legal action filed by the accuser. He was charged with misdemeanor battery and given probation. The Norman Police saw that both parties were the agitators. The woman called Mixon a racial slur before he served her.

The Bengals viewed Mixon as one of the best players in the draft and had him ranked as the No. 2 running back behind Leonard Fournette, a fourth overall pick who got signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mixon was a part of the Oklahoma Sooners. He was banned from playing for the entire 2014 season after this.

Marvin Lewis, the struggling Bengals coach has confidence that Mixon will tone down his behavior and focus only on the sport and not the bar life.

The Bengals have a handful of controversial figures in the organization. Besides Mixon, they have Adam "Pacman" Jones as one of the most controversial.

Rewarding domestic abuse is a shame. Although Mixon did own up to his attack, he's still being rewarded for a senseless act of violence.

Mixon could be cut if he can't make it through the Summer training. So don't hold your breathe on people buying his jersey and promotionals.

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