Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Dad Murders Motorist In Cold Blood After He Hit His Son!

A dad who wanted to be a vigilante murdered a man who accidentally hit his son.

Two Ohio men are facing murder charges after a man was murdered in a case of road rage. Matter of fact, I shouldn't call it road rage. I should call it an accident that turned fatal for a motorist.

The victim was driving to his job after a lunch break when he struck a 4 year old boy. The victim, Jamie Urton was murdered in cold blood by Jamail Killings. The 24 year old father turned himself in today and is being held in lockup on a $2.1 million "Get Out Free Card."

Urton worked for the Blinded and Visually Impaired of Cincinnati.

The boy was struck by Urton's car after he crossed the street without looking.

In 911 calls, the witnesses are saying that this dispute turned into gunfight.

"That White dude in that car. They just blazed him ... That car that was right there that hit my baby ... They just shot him, (he's) in the there dead."

They determined that it was Killings on the phone.

He told the boy: "He's dead. I killed him. He's dead, so you're good. Your daddy got you, man. You know I love you don't you? I'm there for you. I love you."

Killings was so upset that Urton struck his son, he decided to let his emotions fly through a firearm.

This incident happened in late March and the suspect and alleged accomplice Deonte Baber were on the loose. Killings finally found a backbone to face the charges.
A motorist was murdered by a father who believed the man intentionally harmed his son.
Baber is still a wanted man. The feds and Ohio Bureau of Investigation are determined to get him and those who assist him.

Killings' son is recovering from injuries. And the boy may never see his father ever again.

Killings will face aggravated manslaughter, murder, unlawful discharge of a weapon and fleeing and eluding law enforcement. If he does take a plea deal, the charges could be lowered and he could face five to LIFE in the iron college. If he pleas not guilty and is found guilty in a court of law, he could face the DEATH CARD.

He is innocent until proven guilty.

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