Thursday, April 20, 2017

Armed Teacher And Runaway Nabbed In Cali!

Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins were caught by the feds.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the FBI and the California State Highway Patrol can pat themselves on the back this afternoon. The feds nabbed the armed former Middle Tenn. teacher Tad Cummins. The suspect abducted Elizabeth Thomas over a month ago and the two were on the run for nearly that amount of time.

They were nabbed in Yreka, a quiet little town about 40 miles from the state line.

Siskiyou County boys spotted the pair near a national forest.

The end of one of the most talked about kidnappings in the junk food media.

It gave me reason to believe that the junk food media was rehashing Missing White Women Syndrome. It also made me think about how these teacher-student love affairs are $$$$$$$$$ and ratings for the junk food media.

The two deliberately ran off. Cummins took out loans and a few supplies, picked up Thomas and they took off. The last known spotting was in Oklahoma City where the two were in a Walmart shopping for things to deter police.

The girl was a troubled youth that Cummins groomed into a romantic affair.

No telling if the girl was knocked up by Cummins. I say it's likely so.

The two will eventually head to Tennessee to face a courtroom. Cummins may face federal charges for the kidnapping as well as state charges. When the prosecutors determined that Thomas was impregnated, Cummins will face state charges for having unlawful sex with a minor. Those charges could have him in the iron college for 25 to LIFE plus an enrollment into Offender U Tier 3.

Thomas may face delinquency and willingly eluding an arresting officer charges.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Who the fuck helped these two get away for this long?

They have to eat, use the restroom, shower and sleep. They had someone help them flee and its likely his wife and their family members.

Cummins' wife filed for divorce a few weeks ago. She cites his abuse and controlling behavior. Of course, the cheating on her with a teenage girl is a strong reason for the divorce.

It still bothers me about Thomas. The teen was helping her brother stitch up a Confederate flag. It makes me believe that the Thomas family does harbor racial angst against people of color.

Why did it take so freaking long to find them when the feds told Canada and Mexico to BOLO?

All of this is speculation and I want to give the victim the benefit of the doubt.

Given the two are die hard Donald J. Trump supporters, maybe some of what I am saying could be true.

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