Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump's Tax Returns Sprang A Leak!

Another scandal faces Donald Trump.

It's getting worse for the fuhrer.


Donald J. Trump's tax returns were made public. The White House was none too happy about the tax returns being released to the public.

Daily Beast contributor David Cay Johnston obtained Trump's tax returns. The first two pages of Trump's 2005 income tax returns, and published an analysis of those pages on his websites, DCReport.org. The Daily Beast couldn't independently verify these documents.

The documents show Trump and his wife Melania paying $5.3 million in regular federal income taxes -- a rate of less than 4%. However the Trump family paid an additional $31 millions in the so-called "alternative minimum tax," or AMT. Trump has previously called for the elimination of this tax.
Bang. Rachel Maddow made Donald Trump uneasy tonight.
Trump in 2005 paid $38 million in tax on an income of $150 million.

The fuhrer's tax returns were a subject of scrutiny since he announced his bid to destroy the country.

Trump became the first elected leader to refuse to release his income. He said that "people don't care about how much he made" and will "not release his tax returns."

Trump continues to assist that he's being audit by the IRS.

Rachel Maddow broke the news tonight and it's got the most annoying and factually challenged competitor over at Fox News steaming mad.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is so freaking mad over this. He was wrapped around this notion that the junk food media is out to get Trump. The softball has the audacity to label MSNBC and NBC News, "fake news." Really, this is coming from the most annoying agitator in the junk food media. A man who peddled an anti-Semitic on his show to go after Barack Obama.

You can view the partial tax returns of Trump.

Any thoughts on this controversy?

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