Monday, March 06, 2017

Trump Pushes A "Watered Down" Travel Ban!

Another travel ban that will be in the federal courts. Trump signs off an executive order that still bans Muslim travelers.

Rex Tillerson, John Kelly and Jeff Sessions have an opportunity to cover the fuhrer's new executive order on travelers coming to the United States from six (formerly seven) Muslim nations. In the first two weeks of Donald J. Trump's ascendance he issued a travel ban to seriously vet individuals who may have ties to "radical Islam." It was rejected by the federal court after it presented a broad overreach and it banned U.S. citizens and lawful nationals from entering the country.

This new travel ban is a "scaled-back" version. It does continue to push for an indefinite ban of individuals from these counties, but stops short of banning individuals who have already lawful entry to the United States.

Trump continues to press this on despite the international backlash and potential legal challenges.

Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria are countries where travelers are banned from traveling to the United States. So if you have a family member who is legitimately coming here, they're banned.

The travel ban will once again be challenged in federal court. It's considered an overreach. It will cause a backlash which may force U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials out of these countries.

The right wing bigots in Washington are trying to "vet" Muslims coming to the United States on the grounds they could be secret al-Qaeda or Islamic State terrorists.

Terrorism is not the biggest issue here in the United States.

GUN VIOLENCE is the biggest threat here in the country and these morons keep ignoring the threat of mentally incompetent individuals obtaining firearms. They want to "save" Chicago and keep firearms out the hands of Blacks,Hispanics and Muslims. They know we're more powerful in numbers and have the power to decide elections. That's why they want voter ID laws, crackdown on immigrant parents, and religious tests. They want to preserve the final grip on White entitlement.

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