Monday, March 27, 2017

The Junk Food Media And Missing White Women Syndrome!

Seyauna Parker is one of the many missing children in the DC metro area. The junk food media is ignoring her plight for the sensational story of Elizabeth Thomas.

Have you heard about Winter Griffin?

What about Shaniah Boyd?

What about Valencia Lewis?

Or Frank Witherspoon, Seyauna Parker, Anjel Burl?

There's a major story brewing in the capital and its being swept under rug. While there's a missing children in Washington, DC, the junk food media is now releasing videos of the Tennessee teen who ran off with her abductor.

I can tell you that we have covered Elizabeth Thomas. The teen and her abductor Tad Cummins are on the run. The two are trying to have a tryst and the two are deliberately hiding from the feds.

The story is garnishing lots of attention.

The family released a video of Thomas helping her brother sew the Confederate flag. Mind you that this is what the family released to give a good description of the teen.

Our friend George Cook of AA Reports noted that yesterday. And now I am going to focus on this.

It's gotten national attention but Washington, DC's mayor Muriel Bowser is shooting this down.

Bowser believes that these incidents are isolated and the public shouldn't rush to judgement. She said that the Metro Police are devoted to finding those missing. She announced that the Metro Police will now put more resources into finding those missing in the area.

Missing White Women Syndrome is term coined by journalists who say that the junk food media often parades sensational stories like the Elizabeth Thomas story while ignoring the stories of missing people of color.

The Natalee Holloway story was an example of the disappropriate coverage of missing people stories.

Again, we do not condone violence against anyone. We believe in the court of law. Those involved are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We strongly condemn rape. We believe rape is not an achievement or a joke. We do not blame the victims. We do not automatically assume criminal activity.

We do believe that there is bias in the media.

We know that stories about people of color being missing are often ignored for sensational stories involving White women. That's an opinion that we strongly believe the junk food media contributes.

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