Thursday, March 23, 2017

Terrorist Murders A Black Man For No F**king Reason!

A terrorist attack in New York was overlooked by the attack in London.

Over in London, they had a major terrorist attack. A 52- year old man who was a former English teacher was inspired by the Islamic State to terrorize innocent people near the Palace of Westminster.

The attacker Khalid Masood is a British born man who was formerly known as Adrian Elms.

He was under British intelligence and barred from obtaining firearms. Didn't stop him from using his vehicle and a large machete to hurt innocent people.

Four people were killed along with the attacker. One of the victims was an American man who was on a vacation with his wife. The U.S. Diplomatic Office confirms that Kurt Cochran of Utah was the victim of the attack.

While all that's going on in the United Kingdom, our junk food media ignores the terrorist attack here in the United States.

A man hacks another man in New York City. He is a former Army vet who has ties to White extremism. He was caught without a single bullet fired.

James Jackson, a 28 year old man traveled from Baltimore to New York to hunt for Black folks.

He believed that New York is the "media capital of the world." That's alt-right/white extremist code for "Jewish controlled media."

Jackson dressed in a dark suit, slacks and a button-down shirt, he stabbed Tim Caughman for no fucking reason. Caughman was a local celebrity. He would post on social media his encounters with major celebrities in New York. Caughman was 66 years old.

The victim meets Oprah.
The terrorist used his machete and stabbed Caughman in the chest. He stabbed him in the back and chest before allowing the victim to flee. The victim fled to a local police station before he collapsed.

He was transported to hospital and died on route.

The terrorist surrendered. He admits that if the law didn't stop him, he was going to gut Black women and children as well.

He was inspired by the hatred of interracial dating and Black Lives Matter.

He got his inspiration from the alt-right, conservative agitators on television/talk radio, that police union leader Patrick Lynch, Fox News, Breitbart and fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Yeah, I know!

You think I'm blaming these entities for the acts of this terrorist?

Yeah. I might as well since conservatives continue to blame other entities for the acts of one.

Since conservatives are obsessed with blaming former president Barack Obama, Muslims and liberals for the acts of Masood, we should just blame conservatives and Trump for the acts of this terrorist.

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