Thursday, March 23, 2017

Selling Gasoline To A Wildfire!

Trump can't wrangle Republicans.

Listen for the buzzword: "FREE MARKET"

This is the word vomit of Republicans and the conservative agitators who push this nonsense of Americans supporting

Republicans and their slogan to "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" is about to be fulfilled. Fuhrer Donald J. Trump is hoping to secure enough Republicans votes to pass Trumpcare.

Or maybe not!

It seems like the Republicans have to pullback the floor bill until Friday. It seems like there's enough Republicans against it to stop the bill from passing.

Republicans are fighting within its ranks. The "do nothing" Freedom Caucus is vowing to oppose the healthcare replacement bill. They don't care what's in the Trumpcare bill.

The "do nothing" Freedom Caucus is pressuring for House leaders to make immediate changes to the bill. They are using leverage and urge lawmakers to make harsh concessions that could lead to the bill being stopped in the Senate.

They want a full repeal of the healthcare law. The "do nothing" Freedom Caucus has no proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act (and the so-called American Health Care Act).

So far the Trumpcare bill is doing reasonably bad with voters. It has sparked a bunch of protests at lawmaker's townhalls. Republicans understand the frustration but ignore the reasons to why this exist.

Republicans dismiss protests as a front for George Soros, a Hungarian billionaire who invest in progressive groups. Soros is often the alt-right's excuse to dismiss dissent.

The bill will not cover rural, older, and poorer voters. These are the people who put the fuhrer in office. The bill will give the rich a leg up while the middle class and poor suffer yet again under Republican "limited government" and "free market solutions."

Trump's promises are broken by the day. He is encouraging Republicans to get in line to pass this water-down healthcare law.

This isn't Obamacare-Lite, it's Trumpcare and the fuhrer doesn't give two fucks about the your healthcare costs.

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