Friday, March 24, 2017

Republicans Defeat Trumpcare!

Three blind mice. Trumpcare fails to win support.
The Republican civil war continues to rage on.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump was handed a defeat today. The Republicans in Congress couldn't compromise on the "repeal and replace" bill they dubbed the American Health Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act will continue on (for the time being).

Trump failed at wrangling up enough Republicans to get on board with the water-down healthcare bill.

The "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus and House leadership couldn't come to terms on how to replace a law they've sworn for seven years to repeal. The "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus wants an outright repeal of the entire law. They want to eliminate the "entitlements" that benefit the needy.

Trump personally told House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to recall the bill. At first, Trump demanded that Congress cast a vote on the law. The Republicans couldn't muster 216. They have no Democrats on board and moderates were concerned that the bill (if passed) would effect their districts and their constituents.

The bill was highly unpopular. It would have thrown nearly 20 million off the insurance rolls.

It would be a "sweetheart deal" for the Republicans who gain donations from big corporations.

The bill would have ended ACA's expansion of Medicaid. It would have cut funding for those enrolling into it.

It would have redistribute financial assistance, so that people with lower incomes and higher insurance rates would get less coverage than they do now. More affluent people would get new tax credits.

Republicans wanted to pass the bill through the Senate with a budge reconciliation which would eliminate the effort to question the law and make it harder for Democrats to impose a filibuster.

The Democrats are vowing to oppose any repeal and replace efforts. They will only get on board if the Republicans are willing to improve the bill for the needs of all Americans.

Trump hasn't thrown his hands up yet. He said that he'll wait for the time being. He says the Democrats "own" this and the law will collapse.

Once again, has anything Trump ever said was ever proven to be right?

Trump's first 100 days were controversial. He was blocked twice from his travel ban. His foreign travel electronic ban is going to federal court. His pipeline deals will be challenged in court. He is deeply unpopular with his own constituents let alone the people who voted against him.

Donald J. Trump and Mike R. Pence are both worthless. I can't believe these idiots won the electoral college. I can't believe that Republicans won on this constant whining. I can't understand why Republicans can win with revisionist history, racism, stupidity and a megaphone of conservative agitators willing to suck dicks for a paycheck.

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