Sunday, March 26, 2017

Michael Che: Boston Is The Most Racist City I've Ever Visited!

Michael Che said that Boston is one of the most racist cities, he's ever visited.

SNL's Michael Che never apologizes for telling the truth. His latest remarks on the city of Boston got the people riled up. The city is denying the remarks that Che said

Che is a writer and performer on SNL and is a co-anchor of Weekend Update.

He told the folks at Boston University that he received angry messages on social media after he made the comment on SNL about the Super Bowl.

In Boston, he said he responded on social media to one woman by urging her to "talk to your closet black friend and ask them to explain it to you." He said the woman responded by answering, "Touche."

Che made the comments on Weekend Update saying about the following about the game.

"I just want to relax, turn my brain off, and watch the blackest city in America beat the most racist city I've ever been to."

He was talking about the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots game. New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 51 in a first ever overtime win.

Che is pretty damn honest. He also is not a fan of fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

When asked to apologize, Che didn't mince words.

"I'm just trying to be more presidential."

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