Saturday, March 11, 2017

Joni Sledge Passed Away!

It's unfortunate news tonight. Joni Sledge, a member of the four sister group Sister Sledge (also known as The Sledge Sisters) passed away today. She was found dead in her home in Phoenix.

No cause of death has been announced.

She was a part of the group that sung the No. 1 hit single, "We Are Family." She died on Friday and the news was confirmed today.

"Yesterday, numbness fell upon our family. Pray for us as we weep for the loss of our sister, mother, aunt, niece, and cousin Joni Sledge. We thank you for privacy as we hurt for her presence, but also for embracing her radiance and the sincerity with which she love life." - A spokesperson for the group read.

Joni was born in September 1956 in Philadelphia to a tap dancing father named Edwin Sledge and actress Florez Williams.

Formed in 1971, the group consist of Joni, Debbie, Kim and Kathy Sledge. Their album We Are Family became an instant success. It breakthrough album that went platinum. Their success also came with the singles "Greatest Dancer" and "Got to Love Somebody."

Kathy quit the group to focus on her solo career. Joni, Debbie and Kim kept the group going throughout the years until her death.

Joni is survived by her son, Thaddeus and the sisters.

Our late night thread is dedicated to Joni. We're going to have two videos on tap.

Joni Sledge, you will be missed.

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