Friday, March 24, 2017

Feds Are Closing In On Armed Teacher And Teen!

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI want these two caught. Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas are considered armed and dangerous. The former school teacher abducted the teen and took off. There are tips but none are leading to his arrest.

The parties involved are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We do not condone violence, sexual assault or cast blame on victims of sexual abuse.

Okay, should I blame fuhrer Donald J. Trump for the allegations of a Tennessee man who is involved in the abduction of a teen near a high school?

The suspect is a HUGE supporter of Trump. He even bragged about it on social media. You can peep some of this crazy shit (below).

He tried to reach out to that old fart Rush Limbaugh. He called in the old fart's radio show to complain about liberals and their bastardization of the White House. Of course, we know who he was talking about. The guy left the White House two months ago.

Cummins describes himself as a Jesus freak/child of The King, husband, father, grandfather, high-school teacher, clinician, drummer, audio tech, jeep owner, singer/songwriter, warrior-poet...etc.

Should I say that the suspect is a former teacher for the Culleoka schools?

Should I note that the suspect and the teen are considered armed and dangerous?

Well I am going to and make no mistake: I will do so with no ounce of remorse, regret or sympathy towards this man and the actions he's done to his family, that teen and those who are aiding them.

Elizabeth Thomas is smitten by her abductor Tad Cummins. The two were spotted in the South and the tips so far are growing cold. The 15-year old teen was a troubled teen and Cummins leaned on her. This "father-daughter" relationship turned into a romance when the two were caught making out in the classroom.

Cummins was soon fired out the cannon. He was let go after the board found that his "father-daughter" relationship was improper.

It didn't stop the two from communicating to one another.

As the county boys were investigating him for improper contact, Cummins took out a couple of loans, grabbed his firearms and loaded his change of clothes into his Nissen and bolted.

He contacted Thomas and told her where to met up. Thomas convinced her friend to drop her off at a Shoney's in the area. After Thomas got his gas, he got her and they took off. Now he's trying to plant a seed in Thomas before they are caught.

Cummins was researching about "teen marriage" and "how to survive" before he took off.

Cummins is married with children and grandchildren. Cummins's wife, Jill and Thomas's dad Anthony want the two to give up. They want the two to surrender to authorities before they harm themselves and those around them.

Cummins and Thomas haven't made any public appearances. The only clues is word that they were spotted in Texas.

Thomas may have dyed her hair and changed her appearance to fool investigators. Cummins is known as a survivalist. They could be located at rest areas, rural (often less traveled) highways, abandoned buildings, laundromats, and motels.

He will likely be added to the top 10 list of the FBI's Most Wanted.

He will be charged with kidnapping, rape of a child, child enticement, delinquency of a minor, and sexual assault of a child under 16. These charges could put his ass in the iron college for LIFE.

Thomas could be charged with willfully eluding law enforcement, delinquency, aid and abetting a federal/state fugitive, and criminal tools.

Those who assist them could face state/federal aid and abetting and willfully eluding law enforcement charges as well.

Now the feds are hoping to stop the two from having a tryst. The two may be willing to harm themselves and others. Since Cummins often bragged about charity work in Central America, it won't be long before they conjure up a plan to take them across international borders and into a state that doesn't extradite Americans.

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