Sunday, March 05, 2017

Comey Said No Phone Tap On Trump's Phone!

Trump embraces James Comey, the guy who helped him win the election. Did I forget to mention that Comey is the cur

The most controversial FBI director in history asked the Department of Justice to refute fuhrer Donald J. Trump's wiretapping claims.

James Comey who rose to fame in late October when he decided to reopen the case into Hillary Clinton's private server. That "October Surprise" along with other issues damaged Clinton's campaign and the presidency. It slid Trump into the White House.

Comey who decided to stay on with the FBI is often criticized for meddling into things. Today, he decided to meddle into the fuhrer's claims that former president Barack Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower (known as the second White House).

A senior U.S. official confirmed that New York Times report on this.

The Times reported that Comey requested that the Justice Department publicly rebut the claim Trump made on social media.

 Comey's having trouble getting people to believe him. There are only a few politically appointed Justice Department officials who could approve a statement, as Jeff Sessions recused himself from anything pertaining to the government's investigation into alleged connections between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Trump continues to dismiss this as "fake news."

The White House continue to press Congress to investigate the matter.

Many Republicans are skeptical about the claim but nonetheless will take some interest in the fuhrer's concerns.

The Obama team continue to shoot down the accusations saying that Trump's claims are "unequivocally false" and even former National Intelligence Director James Clapper said that he didn't authorize any surveillance of the Trump Tower.

The junk food media continues to be fixated Trump eventually becoming "presidential."

Not going to happen, one bit.

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