Monday, March 27, 2017

Be Thy Fox!

Be thy Jeanine Pirro telling the viewers to fire Paul Ryan. And Donald J. Trump gave her a plug.

The fuhrer tweets out a plug for Jeanine Pirro, a longtime employee named Judy Slater was fired out the cannon and the softball gets embarrassed by Ted Koppel.

Donald J. Trump goes to Twitter to ask people to tune in to the Saturday broadcast of Fox News Justice with Jeanine Pirro. When she ranted on camera, she declared war on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

She said that Ryan's gotta to go. She wants him to step down as House Speaker and says Republican leadership is inept. The junk food media suspects Trump was sending a message to Ryan via Pirro.

Pirro blames him and Republican leadership for embarrassing Trump and failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Trump failed to win enough Republicans to support his healthcare repeal bill.

The "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus sank the bill. Trump blames the Democrats for the failure. He didn't reach out the Democratic leaders. They said that no deal on full repeal.

Ryan and his staffers have no comment about the rant.

It seems like Fox News quietly fired Judy Slater, the veteran comptroller after she was accused of saying some demeaning things about Black workers.

She said to a Black worker an offensive statement about her children. Slater believed that her three children came from different fathers.

Another incident reported by The Giro said that Slater called a Black woman "sista" and complained openly about the way they pronounced words. At one point, she even wrote down words like, "sister","mother", and "father" and asked the Black employees to say these words out loud.

Slater even insulted Black employees who were upset with her antics. She would respond by saying "Hands up don't shoot" in regards to Black Lives Matter.

And lastly, Sean "Softball" Hannity. He was on CBS Sunday Morning. In a segment featuring Ted Koppel, the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media, was boasting about how he's not a journalist and he's a registered whatever. He went on his word vomit about how Obama "failed" and how "journalism is dead" because they won't listen to his bullshit.

Koppel asked him about how the polarization of politics is bad for America. The softball scoffed at the notion and asked Koppel if he was bad for the country.

Koppel said yes he was.

After the interview, the softball went on a tirade about how CBS News is "fake" and he wants them to release the unedited version of his interview.

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