Thursday, February 23, 2017

Two Bigots Got Flyer Privileges Revoked!

Two racist passengers were booted off after taunting Pakistani travelers.

Two passengers were booted off a United Airlines flight for allegedly making racist comments about other travelers while on roue from Chicago to Houston.

The man who made a snide comment towards a woman and her husband in Pakistani clothes. He asked if they were packing a bomb in their suitcase.

When the passengers tried to ignore the comments he kept taunting.

The passenger said in a interview with the local junk food media. "The person ahead of us turned around and asked where my boyfriend was from. My boyfriend said, 'It's none of your business."

"At that point, he said all illegals and foreigners need to leave the country," said the passenger.

Soon the man was told by flight attendants to get off the plane. At first he refused, but he finally saw that they weren't playing. Soon the man and his female passenger got off and gave the crew and the passenger the bird.

By that time, the woman filming them leaving said "This is not Trump's America. Goodbye racist!"

Cheers throughout the plane.

On his way out, the man threatened them, "Hey I'll come back. You'll be gone!"

Looks like he missed the flight.

United Airlines cleared up the situation.

"We removed two passengers for making others feel uncomfortable on the flight and for saying some inappropriate things to customers on the flight. Most customers appreciate a place where they feel safe and where they're  not going to be attacked and we want to provide that."

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