Friday, February 03, 2017

Trump Blames Obama For His Worldwide Blunders!

Mexico, Australia and now Yemen. Three countries the fuhrer blundered.

With the executive order to ban citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries traveling into the United States has caught so much backlash, the CEOs of Disney and Uber decided to take a knee after a massive backlash came forth.

Stephen Bannon is the top political adviser to the fuhrer. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) straight up called him a "White nationalist". Bannon is getting seating in the National Security briefings much to the dismay of many former and current intelligence officials. Bannon is the former president of the controversial Breitbart News. That outfit is notorious for pandering to White extremism. A gay white extremist named Milo Yiannopoulos is now the top head of the website.

Now a botched raid in Yemen falls on the feet of the fuhrer. But guess who he, the conservative agitators and Sean "Softball" Hannity tried to pin the failed attack on?

You guessed it: Barack Obama, the former president of the United States.

Conservatives have longed blamed Obama for everything. Now they're back to their old tricks again.

We first start with top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway going to MSNBC to justify the ban against Muslims. On Hardball, Conway was being interviewed by Chris Matthews. He would ask her about how this executive order affect Trump's legacy. Conway, a master of spin claimed that the ban was similar to Obama's. She said that two Iraqi nationals would commit the Bowling Green Massacre.

This massacre would have happened if it actually existed.

Republicans had to do some damage control. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was on the phone with the fuhrer and it got tense. The fuhrer hung up on him when he demanded the Australians to not send refugees to the United States. The fuhrer and his allies have denied the conversation went bad especially the hang up part. Trump dismissed this as "fake news". Trump claims that Obama's deal with Australia when it came to refugees is pretty much a dumb deal.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) had to actually reach out to the Australian ambassador for the United States to smooth over the tension.

The Yemen offense led to an American military operative for the Navy SEALS to lose his life. It led to many civilians being killed in the botched raid. Now Yemeni militants from al Qaeda and the Islamic State vow revenge against the U.S. for the offense.

Wondering when the Republicans are going to call for relentless investigations into the matter. Who's going to take the blame for the botched operation?

They've given Obama and Hillary Clinton such contempt.

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