Monday, February 27, 2017

Teen Killed After Sneaking Into His Girl's Home!

Teen's attempt to see his girlfriend ended in his death.

In the open carry state of Georgia, Jordan Middleton lost his life to the "castle doctrine". He wanted to be a Romeo by climbing into his Juliet's home in Grovetown. The 14-year old girl lets him into the home and he gets caught between the door frame. It alerts a dog and then the homeowner.

The homeowner then is alerted to the noise. He grabs his firearm and dog to search for the intruder.

The girl has the boy hiding in a closet. As the dog barks at the location where Middleton is, the homeowner gave him two verbal commands to show himself or face a lead sandwich.

Middleton failed to do so. So as he would try to escape he bolted out the door, and the homeowner puts a bullet in him. It hit him in the chest. He would die near the door. The deputies would arrive to find the teen's body and placed the homeowner in the cruiser.

Derrick Fulton said that he didn't know that it was his daughter's friend. He was very saddened by this.

Fulton is facing a questioning but is likely to escape aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The young teen was a standout basketball player. He attended Grovetown High School.

Many of his friends said that he had an infectious smile.

He had no criminal history.

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