Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Ohio Sheriff Agency Under Fire For Brutalizing Interns!

An Ohio county lockup facing heat for its guards treating interns like shit.

Phil Plummer is the current elected leader for the Montgomery County, Ohio Sheriff's Department.

Plummer is a Republican who won reelection constantly with no real opposition. He often tries to be the "work across the aisle" lawman. He's not as polarizing as Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke.

Well this week, he has to answer to a lot of things. He has to answer to county commissioners about the racist emails, the reckless behavior of his deputies, and now his correction guards treating interns in the county lockup improperly

The Montgomery County Board of Commissioners announced they have for the U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the allegations of civil rights violations at the lockup.

Commissioner Dan Foley, a Democrat and the rest of the county board members express very serious concern about the the conduct and allegations at the lockup.

Seven federal lawsuits were issued this week and a video leaked online showing the guards giving an intern a knuckle style chili with a side order of toe jam.

David Cooper, Robert Richardson, Emily Evans, Amber Swink, Jeffrey Day, James Howard, and Joseph Guglielmo all filed federal complainants against Plummer and the lockup.

I can testify to the misconduct by deputies. Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies aren't some of the most friendliest people I've been pulled over by.

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