Thursday, February 16, 2017

Melania Trump Not Happy Being FLOTUS!

The fuhrer's wife isn't happy being in the limelight.

Besides the negative job approval of her hubby, Donald J. Trump, the foreign born Melanija Knavs (known publicly as bimbo Melania Trump) is starting to hate being in the public eye.

The Slovenian model and current wife of the Fuhrer is "miserable" and feels "unhappy with how her life ended up."

Now I don't know if this is fake news or not, but US Weekly is covering it.

Fellow New Yorkers can't make it through the city knowing that the Trump family and Secret Service occupy the area. The Trump Tower (aka the second White House) is heavily guarded and the police are maintaining a strong presence around the area. Many Americans are losing out on getting around the area knowing that Trump being the country's leader requires a heavy load of police presence.

Melania and Barron are not rushing to the White House.

Trump is making sure her 10 year son will finish up school before they venture to Washington, DC.

According to US Weekly, Trump spent most of her time being shacked up in the lavish apartment.

Never a fixture on the NYC social scene, "she is staying hidden more." Compare that to Michelle Obama who was pretty open with the American people. Obama was very popular.

Conservatives hate her because she was a strong Black woman. They would make offensive caricatures of her. Obama was annoyed by some of the nasty things being said about her.

She once said that conservatives would paint her and Barack as things they weren't.

Obama's famous quote: "When they go low, we go high!"

The Trump team dismissed this as "fake news". They said that Melania is "very happy" with her life and supporting her husband and family are top priority.

On that note, many see Trump's first weeks as the leader dismal. Hopefully, we continue to see this trainwreck. Because giving the country this asshole was a huge mistake.

We're footing the bill. Our taxpayer dollars cover this asshole, his bimbo wife, his autistic son and the other nuts in the tree. His other sons and daughters are getting Secret Service detail.

So when Eric and Donald, Jr. go hunting, the Secret Service is there.

When Ivanka is doing her publicity tours, the Secret Service is there.

And when Tiffany continues college, the Secret Service will continue to be there.

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