Saturday, February 18, 2017

Larry Wilmore Rips Gay White Extremist On Bill Maher!

Larry Wilmore told White extremist to go fuck himself.

In the overtime of Real Time with Bill Maher, white extremist Milo Yiannopoulos explains why he draws such controversy. Yiannopoulos is the chief tech blogger for far right website Breitbart.

He made an appearance alongside former Georgia Republican congressman Jack Kingston, former counter intelligence official Malcolm Nance and comedian Larry Wilmore.

Wilmore got really angry with the bullshit coming out of the white extremist.

Yiannopoulos called Nance, a former senior operative to the CIA, "stupid." It set Wilmore off.

"Hold, on, hold on, you can go fuck yourself," said Wilmore. It drew applause and Yiannopoulos shrugged it off.

"If your argument is that these people are stupid you didn't hear a word this man said earlier in this segment because he can talk circles around your pathetic, douchey little ass."

He also added in regards to his attack on Leslie Jones.

"And one last thing, Leslie Jones is not 'barely literate.' Go fuck yourself again for that one," said Wilmore.

Maher who has criticized religion in the past. He's not fond of Islam. He has been critical of Muslims and blaming the religion for the rise of extremism worldwide. Maher is a libertarian comedian who is socially liberal. He is a supporter of marijuana and prostitution being legalized. He is also dates Black women.

Yiannopoulos is a British born blogger who is openly gay. He is a homosexual who doesn't support LGBTQ rights. He calls himself the "gayest Jewish faggot who happens in love with a Black man." He denies being a part of this White extremist movement labeled the alt-right.

He was notorious for Gamergate and the smear campaign against SNL star Leslie Jones.

Yiannopoulos is most famous for being banned from Twitter for his constant trolling. He and Chuck Johnson of GotNews are indefinitely banned from the micro-blogging website.

Yiannopoulos is a staunch supporter of fuhrer Donald J. Trump and has gotten the ear of the leader.

The leader threatened to cut funding to public schools and universities because they want to silence people like Yiannopoulos.

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