Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Lets Her Stupid Fly!

Kellyanne Conway causes another controversy.

Social media tore into White House political adviser Kellyanne Conway for kneeling on the Oval Office couch to snap a photo of the fuhrer with leaders of the nation's historically Black colleges and universities.

This is comes as no surprise. Kellyanne Conway is facing harsh criticism for just being utterly stupid.

She was the one who invoked the tragic "Bowling Green massacre" that happened under then Barack Obama's watch. Well that didn't happen and she was roundly ridiculed for it.

Then on Fox News she made a plug to Ivanka Trump's clothing company. It got her in trouble with the White House inspector general. She also got banned from some Sunday shows because she's too controversial.

Conservatives were outraged over the fact that President Barack Obama put his feet on a desk in the Oval Office. They were bitching and complaining. They believe that Obama had no respect for the office and believed that he was truly un-American.

Now that a Republican is in the White House, happy days are here again! 

Conservatives can now have the power to undo the "damage" Obama's done in eight years with their leader Fuhrer Donald J. Trump. 

But as you see, it's not as easy as expected.

Trump is still finding it hard to get things done when he can't have Congress onboard. 

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