Monday, February 27, 2017

Cos Faces A Jury!

Trial's on!

William Henry Cosby, known professionally as Bill Cosby is a former media mogul, comedian, singer, author and activist. He is facing a trial for an incident that happened back in 2004.

A comedian named Hannibal Buress opened the flood gates by relying the nasty deeds of Cosby.

It opened a door of accusations. Over 60 women came forth accusing him of sexual assault. Due to the legal ramifications and statue of limitations, most of these accusations won't stand in court.

But one will and it has Cosby's legacy on the verge of collapse. Matter of fact, it's a pretty much a wrap for him.

Andrea Constand, a former Temple basketball player who wanted a role on The Cosby Show when she had contact with the entertainer. The accuser claims that Cosby put Quaaludes into her drink.

She was slipping in and out of consciousness. She claimed that Cosby groped her breast, placed his hand in her pants rubbing her clitoris and placed her hand on his erect penis.

Cosby denies the allegations and said that Constand violated her terms of "no disclosure" in the lawsuit that was settled out of court.
Cosby has dozens of accusers.
Constand said that Cosby is a "narcissist" who pushes this "moralist" crap upon the Black community. She publicly came out as a lesbian and Cosby knew that. She said that Cosby tried to reform her.

He wanted to have a change of venue and delay of the trial. The judge said "HELL NO!"

The trial is on.

As many as 13 accusers could testify against Cosby. The prosecutors are asking for a lengthy sentence and hefty fine.

Cosby's attorneys said that this ordeal is nothing more than a witch hunt.

"The press has told the American public that Mr. Cosby is guilty of this crime and 50 others, that he is a serial rapist, a sociopath and sexual predator," said Brain McMonagle, Cosby's attorney.

This is a felony case. If found guilty of sexual assault in the second degree, he will face 30 years in the iron college. He will be labeled a TIER III Sexual Offender for LIFE!

Cosby claims he is legally blind and has no recognition of the events that happened. He maintains innocence.

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