Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Herpes Has A Better Name Recognition Than These Worthless Politicians!

Arnold Schwarzenegger says that Trump and Congress are pathetic. He believes Congress is more worse than herpes.

The Trumpster fire and Congress are really unpopular. The Republican controlled Congress has already on the wrong path. It's caught the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California and current host of Celebrity Apprentice.

Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-born actor, bodybuilder, media mogul and reality television host,

He is not a fan of fuhrer Donald J. Trump. He hates him with such a passion. Trump is no fan of the famed actor. At the National Prayer's Breakfast, Trump took aim at the dismal ratings of the NBC show.

Schwarzenegger bucked Trump for spending his time bitching about television instead of doing his job leading the United States.

And of course, he saved the best for Congress.

"Gerrymandering has created an absurd reality where politicians now pick their voter,s instead of the voters picking their politicians.You thought every two years in November, you're going to the polls to pick your representatives, right?" said Schwarzenegger.

He added, "Wrong! Using gerrymandering, our politicians drew their district lines so approval ratings went sometimes down into the single digits, they couldn't lose."

He said that Congress couldn't beat an incurable disease.

"These lawmakers couldn't beat herpes in the polls!"

He's right. When we continue to elect worthless politicians expect this. I bet some of the readers wouldn't even know who their representatives are!

Matter of fact, The Terminator himself said that Canadian pop group Nickelback and Fox News are just as bad as Congress.

I am sure that Sean "Softball" Hannity will attack Schwarzenegger for speaking out against Trump.

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