Sunday, February 05, 2017

A "Good Guy" With A Gun Kills A Shoplifter Over Some F**king Diapers!

A shopper shoots a shoplifter.

In South Florida, the state investigators are trying to determine if this was justifiable defense or callous murder.

Reminder: A good guy with a gun is still a threat to the police. A good guy with a gun doesn't think about the consequences when they use it. They could create a situation that causes panic. The good guy could injure a person. To kill someone over property is just fucking stupid.

Property. Of all freaking things.

A person should use a firearm if they are protecting their own property, their family and their animals.

A corporation is capable of salvaging the lost or damaged products. The people who stole diapers will eventually be arrested for theft. But will Florida authorities arrest the guy who wanted to help a store detective?

Deputies says they were called to the Pine Hills Walmart after the shopper shot and killed a suspected diaper thief in the parking lot. This location is where a police officer was brutally killed by a man who murdered his ex-fiance.
Gunman shoots a shoplifter.
The shooting happened at the Pine Hills Walmart Saturday morning and the shopper opened fire out of fear for his life.

"What we have at this point is that the individual felt threatened -- one of the suspects reached for something [and he] thought that it was a weapon or firearm," said the Orange County sheriff. spokesperson Angelo Nieves.

The person killed was 19 years old and was shoplifting diapers with three accomplices.

They were loading diapers in a car when a Walmart employee tried to stop them, the station reported.

The shopper told deputies he showed up at this point to assist the store employee.

Deputies said after the gunfire the four suspects drove off and smashed into two cars. Three got away on foot while the other who was shot collapsed on the ground near a gas station.

The suspect was pronounced dead.

So here's a man who felt the need to be a fucking hero. An asshole who would shot a person who was unarmed and stealing diapers.

By the way, the white extremists are having a field day with this. They don't value the life of the victim. They celebrate this as a "service rendered". I mean, what kind of country do we live in?

Who the hell appointed this shopper to be a cop, a judge and an executor?

White extremists are a threat to people of color and religion. Since the fuhrer won the election, the ugliest elements of the country come out. To think that some idiot with a gun would believe it's "justifiable" to kill a shoplifter over diapers is pretty fucked up.


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