Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fuhrer Trump Speaks! Will The World Listen?

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Trump needs people to support his policies. He address the nation.

Donald J. Trump delivers his speech to Joint Session of Congress. It's sort of like a State of the Union address. And the president (I meant fuhrer) will speak on issues that he urges Americans to get behind.

The speech is going to be controversial regardless of what he says. He will bring up issues like repealing the Affordable Care Act, increase military spending, reshaping tax reform, rollback current trade deals, rollback immigration reform, and take away portions of the safety net.

At this Joint Session of Congress will be the family members killed by illegal immigrants.

I am not watching it. I don't give two fucks about him, Mike Pence and the Republicans.

Democrats may boycott the event. Some hopefully will do a "Joe Wilson" and shout "you lie" during his speech.

Watch this live on the YouTube.

I will post the Democratic response as soon as the fuhrer is done. Again, I won't watch or listen to it. I expect it to last about 45 minutes or less. He has a low attention span and he doesn't like talking too much about things.

Kellyanne Conway Lets Her Stupid Fly!

Kellyanne Conway causes another controversy.

Social media tore into White House political adviser Kellyanne Conway for kneeling on the Oval Office couch to snap a photo of the fuhrer with leaders of the nation's historically Black colleges and universities.

This is comes as no surprise. Kellyanne Conway is facing harsh criticism for just being utterly stupid.

She was the one who invoked the tragic "Bowling Green massacre" that happened under then Barack Obama's watch. Well that didn't happen and she was roundly ridiculed for it.

Then on Fox News she made a plug to Ivanka Trump's clothing company. It got her in trouble with the White House inspector general. She also got banned from some Sunday shows because she's too controversial.

Conservatives were outraged over the fact that President Barack Obama put his feet on a desk in the Oval Office. They were bitching and complaining. They believe that Obama had no respect for the office and believed that he was truly un-American.

Now that a Republican is in the White House, happy days are here again! 

Conservatives can now have the power to undo the "damage" Obama's done in eight years with their leader Fuhrer Donald J. Trump. 

But as you see, it's not as easy as expected.

Trump is still finding it hard to get things done when he can't have Congress onboard. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Teen Killed After Sneaking Into His Girl's Home!

Teen's attempt to see his girlfriend ended in his death.

In the open carry state of Georgia, Jordan Middleton lost his life to the "castle doctrine". He wanted to be a Romeo by climbing into his Juliet's home in Grovetown. The 14-year old girl lets him into the home and he gets caught between the door frame. It alerts a dog and then the homeowner.

The homeowner then is alerted to the noise. He grabs his firearm and dog to search for the intruder.

The girl has the boy hiding in a closet. As the dog barks at the location where Middleton is, the homeowner gave him two verbal commands to show himself or face a lead sandwich.

Middleton failed to do so. So as he would try to escape he bolted out the door, and the homeowner puts a bullet in him. It hit him in the chest. He would die near the door. The deputies would arrive to find the teen's body and placed the homeowner in the cruiser.

Derrick Fulton said that he didn't know that it was his daughter's friend. He was very saddened by this.

Fulton is facing a questioning but is likely to escape aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The young teen was a standout basketball player. He attended Grovetown High School.

Many of his friends said that he had an infectious smile.

He had no criminal history.

Tom Perez: We Are In This Together!

Tom Perez became the Democratic National Committee chairman. He quickly appointed Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota as the deputy chairman.

On Saturday, former Labor secretary Tom Perez eked out a win against Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). Ellison for Democratic National Committee chairman.

Perez. the first Latino chairman of the Democratic Party urges for party unity and vows to push for a strong progressive agenda.

Ellison an African American lawmaker who is a Sunni Muslim warned Democrats to tap into the populism that gave Republicans the victory or continue to lose.

Perez heeded the call and asked for Ellison to become his vice-chair.  He calls upon Ellison, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others to help win back the middle class, people of color, the millennials and the women.

The Democrats are still reeling over the epic loss to the controversial Donald J. Trump. He and the Republicans swept fiercely into power and are trying to undo President Barack Obama's legacy.

Now as the fuhrer of the country, Trump is finding it harder to accomplish the goals he promised on the campaign trail. Although, he will continue to push his proposals to Congress, the lawmakers will continue to keep Washington stuck in gridlock.

Republicans are warning Democrats to get in line or face the consequences. Democrats balked at them and told them, "fuck off".

The Democratic National Committee is still facing a scandal within its ranks.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was ousted after Wikileaks published emails between her and top Democrats disparaging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). They also wanted a limited amount of debates to ease the path for Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats were splinted when the so-called Bernie Bros. decided to gamble on Green Party Jill Stein and Trump.

The electoral college helped Trump. He failed at winning the popular vote. So he's finding it difficult to deal with constituents given that Clinton won the popular vote instead of him.

Trump's stump through the Midwest and Florida crumbled the Blue Wall that Obama placed upon his two successful elections. Clinton let Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire go Republican by being overly confident. Other issues that came forth includes Russia meddling in the election,and the onslaught of Republican accusations against her and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA).

Now in private life, Clinton is hailing this as the beginning of a "new movement" in the works.

Republican lawmakers are facing constituents who are now concerned that the "repeal and replace" rhetoric is "smoke and mirrors."

Republicans are still trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). But they can't figure out a suitable solution to fix the law without tearing apart policies that the public support.

Democrats are still fearful of being labeled "liberal". Hell embrace your beliefs and fuck the nonsense.

Because if you continue to support a billionaire who is willing to put us back into war, cut the safety net, ban individuals based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, economic and social standings, then support the conservative/White extremist movement.

Cos Faces A Jury!

Trial's on!

William Henry Cosby, known professionally as Bill Cosby is a former media mogul, comedian, singer, author and activist. He is facing a trial for an incident that happened back in 2004.

A comedian named Hannibal Buress opened the flood gates by relying the nasty deeds of Cosby.

It opened a door of accusations. Over 60 women came forth accusing him of sexual assault. Due to the legal ramifications and statue of limitations, most of these accusations won't stand in court.

But one will and it has Cosby's legacy on the verge of collapse. Matter of fact, it's a pretty much a wrap for him.

Andrea Constand, a former Temple basketball player who wanted a role on The Cosby Show when she had contact with the entertainer. The accuser claims that Cosby put Quaaludes into her drink.

She was slipping in and out of consciousness. She claimed that Cosby groped her breast, placed his hand in her pants rubbing her clitoris and placed her hand on his erect penis.

Cosby denies the allegations and said that Constand violated her terms of "no disclosure" in the lawsuit that was settled out of court.
Cosby has dozens of accusers.
Constand said that Cosby is a "narcissist" who pushes this "moralist" crap upon the Black community. She publicly came out as a lesbian and Cosby knew that. She said that Cosby tried to reform her.

He wanted to have a change of venue and delay of the trial. The judge said "HELL NO!"

The trial is on.

As many as 13 accusers could testify against Cosby. The prosecutors are asking for a lengthy sentence and hefty fine.

Cosby's attorneys said that this ordeal is nothing more than a witch hunt.

"The press has told the American public that Mr. Cosby is guilty of this crime and 50 others, that he is a serial rapist, a sociopath and sexual predator," said Brain McMonagle, Cosby's attorney.

This is a felony case. If found guilty of sexual assault in the second degree, he will face 30 years in the iron college. He will be labeled a TIER III Sexual Offender for LIFE!

Cosby claims he is legally blind and has no recognition of the events that happened. He maintains innocence.

Muhammad Ali, Jr. Was Detained At The Gate!

Muhammad Ali's son was detained in a Florida airport. The U.S. Border Patrol questioned his religion. 

The world lost a legend in the sports industry. Muhammad Ali passed away in 2016 and it was a huge story. It happened around the time that then candidate Donald J. Trump was promoting this proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country.

The U.S. Custom and Border Protection confirmed that on Saturday, the son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali was detained at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport on February 7.

Muhammad Ali, Jr., his mother Khalilah Camacho-Ali were pulled aside for questioning at the airport after returning from a speaking engagement in Jamaica.

Border patrol questioned them on their basis of their names being "Arab" sounding.

Of course, Ali, Jr. said that the ordeal was elevated by questions like, "Where did you get your name from?" and "Are you a Muslim?"

The profiling of American Muslims is a part of the fuhrer's relentless ban on Muslims entering the United States. He is trying to impose a travel ban on seven majority Muslim nations.

It ends up in legal wrangling when the fuhrer tried to push this through his executive orders.

Ali's attorney said this in plain sense.

"To the Ali family, it's crystal clear that this is directly lined to Trump's efforts to ban Muslims from the United States," said Chris Mancini.

Mancini told the Miami New Times that immigration officers asked Ali, Jr. about his religion within the first 30 minutes of being detained and again when he was taken to a small holding room where he was held for another 90 minutes.

"What right does the United States have to inquire about somebody's religion when they enter the country?" Mancini told the New Times. "There was no other basis for a secondary inspection. This is an instance where the ban has been enforced even though it has been thrown out. The government is still trying to find grounds to keep Muslims out."

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Warren Beatty Had A "Steve Harvey" Moment!

A major blunder courtesy of Warren Beatty. He read the wrong winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Remember the infamous announcement of Miss Universe by Steve Harvey in 2016. Well he created a meme and it seems to be spreading.

At the 2017 Academy Awards, a major blunder by a veteran actor has the internet and nation talking.

Matter of fact, I wonder if the fuhrer will take to social media to bash the Oscars?

It was a very politically active awards show.

Mind you I don't watch these things. The best I've gotten out of it was through Twitter.

Actor Warren Beatty read the Best Picture at the Academy Awards and misread the actual winner of the top movie. He accidently read La La Land as the Best Picture.

It turned out to be a huge mistake.
Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture.
La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz read the card while the cast and crew accepted the Oscar. He immediately stepped to the mic to announce the error. He said that Moonlight won the Best Feature and even showed the card proving that the movie was indeed the Best Feature.

Shock and gasp were heard from the audience.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the Oscars taunted Beatty. He warned that Beatty is going to be experiencing "Steve Harvey Moment".

Mahershala Ali Won An Oscar!

Mahershala Ali won and Oscar.

I enjoy watching Hollywood stick this in the face of Fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Actor Mahershala Ali became the first American Muslim to take home an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Moonlight. The movie is a sleeper hit that was nominated for eight Oscar nominations.

Ali is a featured player on the Netflix series House of Cards.

Moonlight received near unanimous praise from critics, with high acclaim from Ali's performance.

Congratulations to Mahershala Ali for winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Moonlight won the Best Feature after a serious mix up. It beat out top-tier La La Land.

Warren Beatty has a Steve Harvey moment. The cast of La La Land were up on stage and halfway through the acceptance speech, they were interrupted and Moonlight became the winner.

Shock and pause from the cast of both movies. A lot of "I'm sorry" and internet traffic driven up.

Viola Davis Won An Oscar!

Viola Davis won Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

How to Get Away with Murder ends its season on ABC. It will return in the fall. In the meanwhile, Viola Davis will be going home with a smile on her face.

She played Rose Maxon in the movie version of the Broadway show. She and co-star Denzel Washington were up for nominations.

She was nominated for three Academy Award nominations. She hasn't won an Oscar until now.

She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in her role Fences.

Congratulations to her on winning this achievement.

Trayvon Martin's Death: Five Years Later!

Today marks five years since the fatal encounter in Sanford, Florida. 

While I hate to admit that George Zimmerman get away with murder, the whole ordeal became a part of American history. The Sanford shooting became a highly polarized and racialized issue in 2012.

On this day, we have to make the fifth anniversary of the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin.

On February 26, 2012, on a rainy night, a young teenager left a local Sanford, Florida 7-Eleven to head to his home at the gated community nearby. A neighborhood watch volunteer witness the suspicious figure walking through the community. He calls 9-1-1 and relays the information to the dispatcher. The dispatcher was on the phone when the volunteer decides to follow the individual. While on the phone the dispatcher tells the volunteer to avoid following the individual. By that time, a confrontation, a gunshot and then a teenager lying in a pool of blood.

The police arrive and question the volunteer and let him go. They believed that the use of deadly force was justified through the "Stand Your Ground" law. The state hired a special prosecutor and then charged the volunteer with second degree murder. In 2013, the jury decided that the volunteer was justified in murder. It was one of the most watched courtroom trials in American history. Second to the OJ Simpson trial.

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin became symbolic names in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Zimmerman, then a neighborhood watcher got into a confrontation with Trayvon Martin, who was walking through the gated community where his father stayed. The details of the confrontation are often disputed through the left and right's version's of the encounter.

The left believes that Trayvon Martin was targeted because he was a Black male. He was walking through a gated community and George Zimmerman took upon himself to be a police officer.

The right believes that Martin's anti-social behavior and refusal to acknowledge authority lead to his death. Martin may have thrown the first punch leaving Zimmerman no choice but to use deadly force.

Regardless of what happened, it opened up some deep wounds in the Black community. It also gave Black America a notice that "our lives are worthless" in the eyes of Republicans, conservatives, and white guilt liberals.

Trayvon Martin was labeled a thug by conservatives and White extremists because he would pose with middle fingers, smoke weed and have tattoos on his arm. They accused his family of making money off his death. They blamed Barack Obama and Al Sharpton for meddling in affairs they have no business getting in to. They were celebrating that Zimmerman was handed a "not guilty" verdict when read by the jury.

George Zimmerman was labeled a cocky asshole by the left. He would often be accused of inciting situations and threatening his ex-wife and girlfriends with gun violence. He would also post offensive images on social media. He would often get into more misfortunes. He is currently unemployed and extremely controversial if ever invited to speak at any event. He was blocked indefinitely from Twitter after he posted a photo of a nude woman who he claimed was a girlfriend. He claimed that she cheated on him with a "dirty Muslim."

The Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman controversy still linger in the public. It's still a touchy subject to focus on because White extremists are often willing to expose themselves online and public whenever this is mentioned.

Rachel Dolezal: For All The Good I've Done, They "BLACKLISTED" Me!

Image result for Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal continues to acknowledge she's a "Black woman". She is struggling since her downfall.

The former president of the Spokane NAACP who was outed as a White woman comes out of hiding.

She publishes a memoir of her life growing up in a fundamentalist Christian family, her embracing of Black culture and the downfall of her career as an activist.

Rachel Dolezal became a focus of scandal when her own family outed her as a White woman. Growing up in Montana, Dolezal claims that her family was brainwashing her and making her life miserable. She left the family to explore an area where most in Montana would normally avoid. She embraced the Black culture. She adopted the Black hairstyle and even identified herself as a Black woman in many public outings. She would take a role in the NAACP Western district. She would become a vocal voice in the organization.

She was also a target of death threats then and now. Her deeds would go punished.

She and her three sons are living nearly on broke. She is getting food stamps and is nearly homeless.

The major book deal fell flat and she's relying on an independent distributors and an interested group of readers.

Sometime in 2015, Dolezal became the focal face of White privilege when she was pretending she was Black. The 39-year old activist got fired out the cannon over at Eastern Washington University,

The former professor and columnist told The Guardian she's applied for more than 100 jobs, but not a single place will hire her. The only offers that have come her way have been for reality television and porn.

Dolezal says that food stamps and some of her friends keep her afloat. But she fears that the toll will leave her and her family homeless.

The memoir called "In Full Color," will come out in March and it was a hard sale. Over 30 publishing companies turned down her memoir.

Dolezal is defiant she's a Black woman, despite being outed by her parents. She opened up about how she got through her struggles as a sheltered woman. She opened up dialogue about race and identity, and she encourages people to be who they feel comfortable with.

"The times I tried to explain more, I wasn't understood more. Nobody wanted to hear, 'I'm pan-African, pro-Black, bisexual, an artist, mother and educator,'" said Dolezal to the Guardian. "People would just be like, 'Huh?'"

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fuhrer Trump Blocks Media Access!

Trump lackey blocks CNN, BBC and The Politico from presser. 

Donald J. Trump and his allies in the White House hate the junk food media. They consider it the "enemy" and it's unfortunate. Some are saying that the comments are eerily similar to dictatorships.

The fuhrer's spokesperson Sean Spicer blocked access to CNN, The BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Politico, BuzzFeed, The Daily Mail and others. Who got access were Breitbart, One America News, the Washington Times as well as Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC. Time and the Associated Press boycotted the briefing.

The decision to limit access to Spicer is unprecedented. Trump had really caused a shitstorm

If blocking the media is "Making America Great Again," we're in deep shit.

Reporting on Trump's campaign ties to the Russian government are getting coverage and his lackeys are trying to distance themselves from the scandal. After Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn were caught in the web of Russian association, many in the junk food media are pressing for Trump to acknowledge Russian intervention during the U.S. Election.

The White House warned that they're going to "push back" against "false narratives" in the news.

This could come in serious doubts that the White House Correspondents' Association will host it's annual NerdProm in late April. Trump said he will not attend any WHCA dinners.

At CPAC, the fuhrer and vice fuhrer Mike Pence made formal appearances at the event to high applause.

This is some very dangerous shit going on in the United States. Donald J. Trump's rhetoric could fuck this country up!

White Extremist Murders A Man He Claimed Was "Middle Eastern!"

White terrorist kills an innocent man at a Kansas bar.

Kansas City was the scene of a mass shooting. As I told the good readers here at World News Today in simple fashion: EXPECT MORE!

When Republicans continue to allow firearms into public venues and rollback restrictions that ban people with mental issues or those with the potential to carry out terrorist attacks.

Given that this is considered a "regional" incident, the junk food media will not elevate this story to national coverage.

Conservatives are on this "America first" bullshit. They want to kick foreigners and Muslims out of the country because they are threats to their White privilege.

Olathe Police arrest a White extremist after got into a heated argument with a group of bar goers.

The extremist said some racial slurs towards the victims. Then when he was thrown out the club, he returned back to the bar popping off his piece.

The bullets were flying and it hit Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an engineering student from India. He was killed upon impact. His two friends were injured. Ian Grillot and Alok Madasani were injured trying to wrestle the firearm from the terrorist.

This white terrorist is named Adam Purinton. He will face murder charges and a possible federal hate crime charge. He could face LIFE in the iron college. He could also be given the DEATH card if he is found guilty of a federal hate crime charge.
Terrorist kills an Indian man in a suburban Kansas City bar.
See the warped minds often believe that the foreigners are taking away something of theirs.

Of course, they can't get it through their thick heads that the First Nation/Native Americans owned the land before European colonial rule.

This isn't Making America Great Again! This innocent man loses his life to the bigotry of hatemongers like Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran, Sam Brownback, Kevin Yoder, Roger Marshall, Lynn Jenkins, Mike Pence and Donald J. Trump.

I know the terrorist is solely responsible for the heartless murder of an innocent man.

However, I blame these Republican lawmakers and the fuhrer for the death of Srinivas.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The HNDRXX Collection From Future!

Another album for Future. He completes obligations with his former labelmate Rocko and his label A1 Recordings.

Atlanta's own codeine obsessed trap rapper releases another album.

Last week Future released his fifth album, the self-titled Future. Then he came out with another album and it was released on Apple through his label Epic Records.

On this album HNDRXX, he has only two featured acts. R&B singer The Weeknd and pop singer Rihanna make feature appearances.

The rapper has production from his longtime producers Metro Boomin', Southside Sizzle, DJ Mustard, and Detail. He also has newcomers like The Track Burnaz, Dre Moon, K-Major and Cubeatz.

Future is quickly trying to leave Rocko's A1 Recordings. He and Rocko Dinero are feuding over royalties and obligations when Future was then a street rapper.

Rocko hit Future with a $10 million lawsuit saying that the rapper and Antonio "LA" Reid deliberately shut A1 Recordings out of the contractual deals.

Future releasing this album may have ended his contractual obligations with A1. He can possibly be free to release his albums on Epic Records and his FreeBandz Global label.

Future went global.  From Pluto to HNDRXX, Nayvadius DeMun Winburn is gunning for greatness.

Future is the father of six children. One from pop singer Ciara. Others include a child from a second cousin that I know.

Late Thread dedicated to Future.

Future featuring The Weeknd, Low Life.

JCPenney Closing 140 Stores!

JCPenney closes 140 stores.

Large box stores are seeing their shoppers migrate to other venues. An anchor store known as J.C. Penney is deciding to close up 140 stores in the United States and Canada.

It cites sluggish sales during the holiday season. In order to save grace, they decided to close up underperforming stores and asking for some to take an early buyout or retirement.

These stores as well as distribution centers in Lakeland, Florida and Buena Park, California.

The possibility of a JCPenney closing in your neighborhood is huge. I mean the company promises that the closures will save the company from bankruptcy.

Macy's and Sears are also suffering in sales decline. They announced store closings as well.

Online competition, H&M, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and thrift stores have taken shoppers away from the mall.

Out of the 1,014 stores, there's a possibility of some of the store closures are happening in your area.

It's unfortunate that American stores like JCPenney are fading away.

Making America Great Again is just a catchphrase. Losing your job in the Trump era is an actual fact!

"Acorn Pimp" James O'Keefe Should Investigate Sexual Harassment At Fox News!

The infamous ACORN Pimp James O'Keefe wants to take down CNN.

James O'Keefe released the "damaging" CNN tapes.

The 119 hours of tape is supposed to expose CNN for being "fake news" and such.

O'Keefe, a notorious troll who tries to infiltrate organizations under the guise of being a legitimate company. He would have hidden recording devices in possession. He secretly records the conversation. They would often bait the person into saying something that could be considered criminal.

In the first part of his cache of audio, he claims that CNN is practicing in "media malfeasance".

"Project Veritas was given over 200 hours of audio from an anonymous source earlier this month," said O'Keefe. He was soliciting volunteers to "help transcribing, investigating, and connecting the dots."

The audio was obtained in 2009. That would be around the time Barack Obama was the president.

He said it came from CNN Headquarters in Atlanta. He said that the information was obtained legally.

CNN has no comment as of yet. But expect a lawsuit on the way. By obtaining audio without the permission of the company, it presents a legality issue.
CNN Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta.
"I want to start exposing the media and their flaws," O'Keefe said on social media. It was in particular that his man-crush, the fuhrer Donald J. Trump said that "CNN is fake news."

"This is the beginning of the end for the MSM. And it starts today."

O'Keefe is notorious for selective editing and paying out lawsuits. He is a convicted felon who managed to beat five years in the federal time out for trying to bug Mary Landrieu, then senator of Louisiana's office.

He also forked over $100,000 to the former members of ACORN, the organization O'Keefe and Hannah Giles claimed were committing voter fraud. They dressed up like a pimp and prostitute.

Now he's offering a $10K to those who could expose the junk food media.

CNUTS 2017!

The fuhrer appears at CPAC.

I won't cover too much of the Conservative Political Action Conference. It's the big gathering of conservative leaders and movers in the movement. It's often held every February.

I will note that the usual agitators, politicians and the fuhrer will all make an appearance at the event.

Surprisingly, the one agitator I didn't expect being there is Ed Schultz.

Schultz was then a liberal agitator who stood up for the middle class. He had a gig on MSNBC for ten years before he had a bitter fallout with the network. He no longer is on radio and he's now podcasting on RawStory for the time being.

The Raw Story promotes his podcast.

Schultz now works for RT America and its considered propaganda for the Russian government.

Schultz is going gaga for fuhrer Donald J. Trump. He even went as far to bash Hillary Clinton for being a loser.

Rightly so, that Clinton failed to reach out to Midwest voters, but for Schultz to use CPAC as a voice is a pathetic attempt to generate support for his show.

Schultz once mocked the CPAC attendees as a bunch of "nuts in a tree". I guess he's not allergic to nuts.

Even white extremist Richard Spencer was there. Unfortunately, he was stopped at the gate. CPAC already had enough racist and bigots there. Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Matt Heimbach were banned from CPAC for being too controversial.

David Clarke, Kellyanne Conway, Steven Bannon, Reince Priebus, former presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, vice fuhrer Mike Pence, fuhrer Donald J. Trump, Sean "Softball" Hannity, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Betsy DeVos, Joel Pollack, Ed Schultz, Jeannie Pirro, NRA vice chair Wayne LaPierre, Nigel Farage and others gather in suburban Washington DC for the gathering of political conservatives.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Two Bigots Got Flyer Privileges Revoked!

Two racist passengers were booted off after taunting Pakistani travelers.

Two passengers were booted off a United Airlines flight for allegedly making racist comments about other travelers while on roue from Chicago to Houston.

The man who made a snide comment towards a woman and her husband in Pakistani clothes. He asked if they were packing a bomb in their suitcase.

When the passengers tried to ignore the comments he kept taunting.

The passenger said in a interview with the local junk food media. "The person ahead of us turned around and asked where my boyfriend was from. My boyfriend said, 'It's none of your business."

"At that point, he said all illegals and foreigners need to leave the country," said the passenger.

Soon the man was told by flight attendants to get off the plane. At first he refused, but he finally saw that they weren't playing. Soon the man and his female passenger got off and gave the crew and the passenger the bird.

By that time, the woman filming them leaving said "This is not Trump's America. Goodbye racist!"

Cheers throughout the plane.

On his way out, the man threatened them, "Hey I'll come back. You'll be gone!"

Looks like he missed the flight.

United Airlines cleared up the situation.

"We removed two passengers for making others feel uncomfortable on the flight and for saying some inappropriate things to customers on the flight. Most customers appreciate a place where they feel safe and where they're  not going to be attacked and we want to provide that."

Dirty Cop Faces Manslaughter Of Retired Librarian!

Retired librarian was murdered by an inept cop in a training session.

Some years ago, a woman who was practicing in defensive training was bucked by a cop who failed to check the firearm.

Now he's facing charges as well as the police chief.

Punta Gorda officer Lee Coel was charged with the felony manslaughter for firing the shot that killed 73-year old Mary Knowlton during a academy's "shoot/don't shoot" exercise. Coel was placed in the Charlotte County lockup and later released on bail.

Cop faces some serious heat for failed stunt.
Chief Tom Lewis was also charged for culpable negligence, a high misdemeanor. Lewis was place in the freezer pending the city's decision to either fire him out the cannon or hand him some major discipline.

Mary was trying to do defensive training in the case of robbery when Coel was coming in wearing a hoodie and mask. He failed to check his holster for blanks. He had grabbed the holster with live rounds.

His attorney, Jerry Berry said that the officer is regretful to the incident. However, he was surprised that the state would charge him for this. He didn't know that the firearm was live.

Something tells me that he wasn't trained properly or he's trying to invent a cop out. He's actually placing his idiocy on the chief of police and the victim.

The family of Mary Knowlton settled with $2 million with the city.

The attorney is confident that the charges will be thrown out.  He said, "once we can present our side of the case and additional facts that [prosecutors] might not know about, we're comfortable that the case will be dismissed or a jury will find him not guilty."

Coel could face 60 years in the iron college if found guilty. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Alan Colmes Passed Away!

Alan Colmes passed away today. He was the former co-host of Hannity & Colmes. He often duked it out with the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media, Sean "Softball" Hannity.

Just in. The progressives lost a voice in their movement. Fox News contributor and talk radio agitator Alan Colmes passed away. It was trending on social media today.

The former co-host of Hannity & Colmes passed away today at age 66. For the time being, his show is on. The Alan Colmes Show is on weeknights from 6pm - 9pm on syndication. It's a part of the Fox News Radio Network.

The last time I heard Colmes on radio, he said that he's taking a moment away from radio. He said that he would be returning back to radio as soon as possible. During the time he had guest hosts on his show. They couldn't tell the audience his situation, but they promised he would return as soon as possible.

He's been off the air since December 30.

Colmes was the counterbalance to Sean "Softball" Hannity, the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media. The agitators were often duking it out on many issues.

Many of his critics complained that Colmes was too soft on conservatives and wouldn't stand up to Softball Hannity, the boisterous and bombastic agitator. Colmes often dismissed this as just being fair to all his guests. He wasn't afraid to call out conservatives and liberals for going in the wrong direction.
Stephen Colbert's most famous moment was getting Alan Colmes on his program to do a skit. Colmes who resigned from Hannity & Colmes found a place with Colbert (at least for one day).

He was staunchly anti-Trump. He made it known on his radio show.

Hannity had leaked some knowledge of Colmes on his right wing carnival earlier this month. He was showing despair and sadness about cancer treatment.

Hannity said that Colmes was "one of the nicest, kindest, and most generous people" he's ever worked for.

Colmes had cancer.

Colmes was married to Jocelyn Crowley, the sister of Monica Crowley, one of Trump's failed picks for his national security team. His former colleagues hit social media to remark about how Colmes made an impact in their lives.

He will be missed by me personally. I had often called the radio show.

His staff will never filter calls. He would often take some of the most outrageous callers. And in his radio graffiti, he would often allow one sentence at the end of his show.

This comes shortly after learning that Fox News and Fox Business host Brenda Buttner passing away at the age of 56.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump Wants The Feds In The Restroom!

Trump puts the breaks on gender equality.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump just issued an executive order to eliminate the Obama order allowing transgender students equal access to the restrooms. 

Aided by Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions, the fuhrer swiftly enacted rules that roll back a rule that barred schools from discriminating against transgender students.

In May, President Barack Obama, the Department of Education and Justice issued guidance mandating that any school that receives federal money must treat a student's gender identity as his or her sex. 

In a tense meeting, DeVos was against it at the time. Trump warned her "get in line or get the fuck on." Sessions pushed her to do so because if both departments were on board, then the Obama executive order could be repealed. 

In a statement, DeVos considered protections for all students including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer students. 

The LGBTQ community is pissed. They believe that Trump and his cronies spat on the graves of the civil rights leaders he claimed he truly embraces. 

Trump's destructive policies will hurt our country. His rhetoric will hurt people.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Breitbart Severed Its Achilles Heel!

Breitbart lost its key man. The gay white extremist Milo Yiannopoulos is fired out the cannon. The Breitbart News website is still facing an ad dry. 

He was riding on the wave of popularity. He was the most visible member of this White extremism called the alt-right. Now, Milo Yiannopoulos is a broken man. The openly gay British agitator found himself fired out the cannon over at Breitbart.

While he said he formally quit the white extremist website, the bosses were so angry they wanted him gone, yesterday.

A video from Jay Rogan surfaced. Yiannopoulos said on the podcast that he was a victim of sexual abuse. But he found it enjoyable that his abuser opened his legs and eyes to his homosexuality.

He advocated for men to take advantage of boys. He thought that boys who were gay should experience the joys he's gotten.

Now the conservatives are distancing themselves from him because of it. The comments make it seem like Yiannopoulos is pedophile for little boys. He is a goddamn flaming troll and he was the unofficial leader of the Trump Youth Associates.

The Trumpster was defending him when he was banned from UC Berkeley. Fuhrer Donald J. Trump and many Republicans were planning on passing laws that strip public universities of fundings if they advocate "political correctness" boycotts against controversial speakers.

The white extremist's defense of pedophilia doomed him. I mean he was even boycotted from the Conservative Political Action Conference. He was a headliner and it was pulled at last minute.

Trump is going to appear at the event on Friday.

"Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never had heard them. They have been a significant factor in my success. I'm grateful for that freedom and for the friendship I forged there," said Yiannopoulos.

"It would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues' important reporting."

He added that he's doesn't really support sexual abuse of any children.

"I am a gay man and a child abuse victim.  I would like to restate my utter disgust at adults who sexually abuse minors. I am horrified by pedophilia and I have devoted large portions of my career as a journalist to exposing child abusers".

Yiannopoulos has spoke on venturing into other outlets. He said that his words were regretful and hoped that his followers would forgive him.


If we can take down Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Breitbart News, Michael Flynn, Roger Ailes, Michael Savage and Milo Yiannopoulos, what about Alex Jones, Tomi Lahren, Matt Drudge, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Sean "Softball" Hannity?

Tim Hortons/Burger King Buys Popeyes!

Popeyes is a part of the Burger King/Tim Hortons chain.

Tim Hortons, the coffee and bakery company that owns Burger King just bought Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits from Louisiana's Kitchen. The deal was inked at $1.8 billion and it marks a huge achievement for Restaurant Brands International's CEO Daniel Schwartz. Congress will approve the merger and it will make Popeyes a part of a triad of fast food giants.

"We look forward to taking an already strong brand and accelerating its pace of growth and opening new restaurants in the U.S. and around the world," said Schwartz.

The company was founded by the late NHL great is very popular in Canada and the United States.

The acquisition of Popeyes by Tim Hortons signal that the franchise is about to expand bigly!

Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder said the deal "has observed our success and seen the opportunity for exceptional future unit growth in the U.S. and around the world."

Popeyes is serving at 2,000 locations.

Popeyes biggest competitor is Yum! Brands. The company has stake in KFC, Taco Bell, Little Sheep, Pizza Hut, A&W Root Beer Stands, WingStreet, East Dawning and Long John Silvers.

Trump Runs On Black!

Trump visit the National Museum of African American History to address issues in the Black community.

The most polarizing leader in modern times visit the National Museum of African American History in Washington, DC.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump was joined by controversial figures like his wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sue, conservative agitator Alveda King, Trump aide/former reality television agitator Omarosa Manigualt, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and the newly crowned Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson. They had an opportunity to visit a Black history museum from the looking glass.

Trump delivers a message to the Black community.

"This building is about love. We have to have people come in who are going to love the country, not people that are going to harm the country. I think a lot of people agree with me on that."

While he was touring the museum, he also issued an executive memo redirecting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to round up undocumented immigrants. He also issued another decree to prevent immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries entering the country.

He wants to let the Black community to know that he really truly cares about the plight of his fellow Americans.

"I pledge to do everything I can to continue that promise of freedom for African Americans and for every American," said Trump,.

"The tour is a meaningful reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly form."

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump's rhetoric could get someone killed. Now that he's the leader of the United States, white extremists are given the greenlight to cause havoc towards people of color.

Towards people who don't worship a Christian god.

Towards those who don't love a person of a same gender.

Towards those who speak a language different than English.

Towards those who feel the need to protest injustices against humanity, the environment and the world.

Trump's tour of African American history is a photo op. He has no idea of the real issues facing Black America.

He doesn't understand that Black America wants accountability for police officers who murder unarmed people of color. He doesn't understand that Black America wants to have affordable healthcare, decent schools, better paying jobs, and acknowledgement. What Trump and his cronies fail at getting is that their whole worldview is formed on the backs of racism.

Trump isn't a friend of Black America. He's not even a close acquaintance.


Breitbart Is Ad Dry!

Grab your wallet and fight against Breitbart.

How can a mainstream website go without ad revenue?

The website best known for shilling for fuhrer Donald J. Trump is facing a global backlash.

Breitbart has been on the offensive. They have taken the narrative to "fight back" against leftists who want to silence them. The website is home to the gay white extremist Milo Yiannopoulos, former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, and Trump advisor Steven K. Bannon. Each of these agitators have ties to White extremists. And now they're paying the price for it.

The company is rattled by the recent drop of advertising.

Buzzfeed reports that one of the world's biggest ad-buying networks, Omnicom, has instructed its staff to pull advertising from the website on behalf of its biggest clients.

The website founded by the late conservative agitator Andrew Breitbart became the market for all things White extremist. Many of the stories often featured on the website are fringe and kookspiracy in nature.

Omnicon got an internal memo saying that many of the global industries like McDonald's, Kellogg's, Apple, Unilever, Walmart and Google cited social media activists Sleeping Giants as a reason to pull.

According to the article, Breitbart losing its ad revenue on the grounds of racism.

"Although the content [on Breitbart] is pretty unpalatable for most, it isn't illegal or prohibited by most exchanges such as Google's [Google Display Network]."

"Many of our global clients have already requested that we block this sit on our activity."

In layman's terms, Breitbart is being blacklisted. Having click bait is good, but having ad revenue for it would be a whole lot profitable.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos have been labeled "too controversial" for advertisers. They constantly suffered major losses in syndication, ad revenue and popularity,

If it's possible could progressive activism target Sean "Softball" Hannity, Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Tomi Lahren's advertisers?

Old Fart Limbaugh: Obama Got Everything Cause Of Race!

The old fart Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for Trump's failures.

You gotta love this....

The guy who used the four words, "I hope he fails" once again knocks Barack Obama for fuhrer Donald J. Trump's woes.

The 66 year old agitator is losing his audience and advertising. He hasn't been "cool" as he claims himself to be. He's a repulsive agitator who built his empire on the "-isms."

iHeartMedia which owns Premiere Radio Networks, downgraded his salary after he saw his ad revenue dry up after he took pot shots at activist Sandra Fluke.

Rush Limbaugh goes to Fox News Sunday to address how he feels now since Republicans took control of the Congress, the White House and state governorships.

He makes this bold claim that Obama got everything he wanted while in office because of his skin color.

In the first term, he managed to get two Supreme Court nominees, the successful raid to get Osama bin Laden, a Nobel Peace Prize and worldwide recognition for the fact he broke ground as the first African American president. His signature healthcare law is still active and his policies got the country out of a recession.

During the first term, Limbaugh and others were dog whistling. They worked up a frenzy over his race, his policies, his name and his agenda. Of course, his rhetoric gave rise to the Tea Party movement.

The movement took control of the House of Representatives and nearly the Senate. It made the remaining six years of Obama's term hectic. He couldn't get his third Supreme Court nominee confirmed with Republicans obstructing his agenda.

Now as Trump is seeing his agenda get rattled, Limbaugh returns to the canard of blaming Obama for the failures of Republicans.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump begins his second month in office with dismal job approval. And to folks like this old fart Limbaugh, it's all the fault of Obama and the junk food media.

Nice try, jackass!

Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, Bill O'Reilly and Sean "Softball" Hannity toss salad for the Republican Party.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Expect More: Anti-Semitism On The Rise!

A Jewish cemetery was vandalized by---an extremist

The rhetoric from fuhrer Donald J. Trump will get someone hurt. I mean for the leader of this country to call the junk food media the "enemy", it kind of sounds like a dictator. I mean what ever happened to changing the channel?

Did you know that Islamic mosque and Jewish temples were vandalized and terrorized by extremists?

A suburban St. Louis cemetery was the site of vandalism.

Authorities are investigating whether this is a deliberate hate crime attack on a Jewish cemetery in University City.

Over 100 headstones were reportedly damaged and police have not confirmed that this act of vandalism is a hate crime.

Eleven Jewish centers were targets of death threats, bomb threats, and potential fire bombings.

Now extremists are embolden by the fuhrer's victory.

Many events involving non Islamic extremism sat on deaf ears at the White House.

Gay White Extremist Has An Achilles Heel!

He best describes himself.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a notorious white extremist who writes for far-right blog Breitbart. He is becoming a mainstream figure in the age of Fuhrer Donald J. Trump. The British born agitator is openly gay and has such disdain for the LGBTQ community. He considers transgender individuals as "it" and regards Black leaders as ignorant. He often dismisses critics as losers.

Wherever he goes, he brings controversy.

He was supposed to be releasing a book called Dangerous. It was pulled last minute by Simon & Schuster. He was a scheduled speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference. That invite was pulled this evening.

These entities pulled because of his interest in pedophilia.

A video surfaced on social media. Joe Rogan, a comedian and libertarian agitator got the white extremist to open up about his sexuality.

He talks about his sexual encounter with a priest when he was 17 years old. He said that he wouldn't care if men and boys as young as 13 years old have sexual encounters. He said it's a "coming of age" for a boy to discover his sexuality.

"In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men -- the sort of "coming of age" relationship -- those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can't speak to their parents," said Yiannopoulos.

It seems like the white extremist finally took a hit --- in the wallet.

He is one of the most polarizing figures in this White extremist movement called the alt-right.

Breitbart was influential in helping fuhrer Donald J. Trump win the election.

Breitbart, The Drudge Report and Sean "Softball" Hannity parrot this alt-right bullshit. Yiannopoulos embraces this with sequins.

He was notorious for getting his supporters to racially harass comedian Leslie Jones. He was banned from Twitter for that. He is well on his way to be banned from all of social media.

Yiannopoulos, Richard Spenser, Steven Bannon, David Clarke, Paul Joseph Watson, David Duke, Chuck Johnson, James O'Keefe, Tila Tequila, Alex Jones, Brittany and Nicole Pettibone are notable figures of the alt-right.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trump Tells A Tale Of A Swedish Terrorist Attack That Never Happened!

Another alternative fact was spewed by fuhrer Donald J. Trump. He said Sweden experience major attacks since it took in Syrian refugees.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump was doing a rally in Florida and told the crowd a story of a terrorist attack in Sweden. On Saturday, Trump was trying to built a coalition of support around his "Muslim Ban".

He is retooling his executive order that banned travelers and asylum seekers from seven Muslim majority nations. That order drew controversy and became a rally call for American Muslims to denounce the Trump decision.

He said to his audience: "You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible."

So this comment quickly hit social media. It was roundly criticized by those here and of course in the country of Sweden.

Many believe that Trump refuses to read daily briefings and intelligence reports.

When asked about the Swedish attack, he said that he heard it from Fox News.

GMA Having "TMI" With Michael Strahan!

If these walls could talk.

One of the biggest media shockers of 2016 was the announcement of former football star/actor/celebrity agitator Michael Strahan leaving the co-hosting duties over at  Live!

The news shocked his co-host Kelly Ripa. She wasn't even aware of Strahan's objectives.

He was then a part-time contributor to GMA (Good Morning America). He was looking to expand his career with ABC News. He wanted to get the spotlight by getting a spot with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

After his announcement he would set his departure in late August. The news made Ripa very angry. She took a leave of absence citing it as a "pre-scheduled" vacation. When she returned she quickly addressed the decision and said that she will continue the show regardless. By that time, the tension was so heated behind the scenes, Strahan said that two more weeks and he's done with Live!

Since the abrupt exit, Ripa and Strahan no longer talk to one another.

Now we're coming halfway into Strahan's full time duties as a co-host on GMA. And it's been said that he's regretting the decision to join the team.

Getting up early is one thing. However, when he's not doing GMA, he also has obligations to ABC to host the $100,000 Pyramid and Fox NFL Sunday. It's becoming more harder for him to achieve his goals as a father and entertainer.

And it seems to be some tension going on behind the scenes at GMA. There's apparently a feud brewing between Strahan and Robin Roberts.

Although the two dismissed this as gossip, the two were in a heated exchange back in January.

There were photographs of the two looking awfully tense. I mean some of the images give the impression that there's an argument going on and the two aren't on the same page.

But a representative said that they were discussing who's going to win the Superbowl and whether Serena or Venus Williams will carry another tennis victory.

Also rumors going around that Strahan is trying to get his old gig back at Live! They said that he's begging for the spot. As a reporter for ABC News, he's barred from promoting products and endorsements. He can't promote anything of his own without getting approval from higher ups.

Strahan held 15 years with the New York Giants. During his time with the Giants he managed to win a Superbowl championship as a tight defensive end. He was a record setting sacker on the field. He also is a two time Daytime Emmy Award winner.

John McCain: Trump Team In Disarray!

McCain criticizes Trump;s foreign policy.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Failed Republican presidential nominee and current Senator John McCain of Arizona is not a fan of fuhrer Donald J. Trump. At a speech at the Munich Security Conference, McCain said that Trump's brand of nationalism is pathetic.

"[The founders of the Munich conference] would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and towards old ties of blood and race and sectarianism," said McCain.

He complained about how Trump's incompetence puts America at risk of a terrorist attack.

"But what would alarm them most, I think, is a sense that many of our peoples, including in my own country, are giving up on the West, that they see it as a bad deal that we may be better off without, and that while Western nations still have the power to maintain our world order, it's unclear whether we have the will."

McCain is making no bones about it, he's showing some concern about the foreign policies Trump is putting forth.

"I refuse to accept that our values are morally equivalent to our adversaries," he said. "I am proud, unapologetic believer in the West, and I believe we must always, always stand up for it. For if we do not, who will?"

Funny McCain should say this word vomit. He was lock step with the fuhrer when they were brutalizing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He was even attacked by the fuhrer for being "captured" by the Vietnamese.

McCain voted for him in the general election after then nominee Trump endorsed him in a primary. Trump was leaning towards Kelli Ward, the insurgent who called McCain senile and worthless.

Establishment Republicans urged Trump to give McCain a boost.

Trump said in town hall that he likes veterans that are "not captured" in regards to McCain bitching about how him and his supporters.


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