Sunday, January 01, 2017

William Christopher Passed Away!

The year 2016 ends with the passing of William Christopher. He was best known for playing Father Mulcahy on the 1970s hit comedy series M.A.S.H.

Even on New Year's Eve, a major entertainer passed away. We just learned that William Christopher the legendary actor who played Father Mulcahy on the hit series M.A.S.H. passed away of lung cancer.

He was 84, and died in Pasadena according to his family.

Born in Illinois in 1932, William got his start as a stage actor in the 1950s before taking on the roles in television and film. He held a variety of shows during his life. Shows like The Patty Duke Show, the Andy Griffith Show, The Men from Shiloh and Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. were notable.

He even had a role on Hogan's Heroes.

But William's best role was playing the calming Father Mulcahy. He took the role after the actor who originally played the part wasn't available. He would become a mainstay throughout the 11 seasons of M.A.S.H. 

He even reprised his role in the spin-off After M.A.S.H. 

William was an advocate for autism. He has a son named Ned that was autistic. He spend a portion of his time devoting to the National Autistic Society and recording PSAs. 

To end the year with the death of an iconic actor. We will miss you.

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