Sunday, January 01, 2017

Fuhrer Trump's Minions Show Out When Old Navy Puts On A Mixed Family!

Love sees no color.

I refuse to normalize racism. I reject this bullshit and I will never respect Fuhrer Donald J. Trump and vice fuhrer Mike Pence. I will not tolerate the racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, nepotism, favoritism and anti-semitism.

We are human beings first, everything else last. Unfortunately in the oh-so-United States, there's no united we stand. It's fuck it, I'm out for my own.

Our friends over at have reported on the nonstop internet trolling from the fuhrer's minions.

Old Navy takes a dose of hate when they rolled out their latest ad featuring an interracial family.


Soon as the ad rolls out here comes the pseudo-scholars and their hypotheticals and "statistics."

Of course, now this is an example of the nonsense we're dealing with. And in 19 days this controversial billionaire who happens to be an immature  racist, sexist, pussy grabbing, Islamophobic, xenophobic former reality television star. Trump is an ignoramus. He is an old fart and his supporters are bunch of bigots.

This example shows me the reason to reject Trump.

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