Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Definition Of Irony!

Boy saying to Fox News agitator "screw the president." Conservatives get outraged.

Hey conservatives, expect more.

You spent eight years demonizing Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, progressives and people of color. I think the most divisive person to ever be in the White House isn't Obama.

It's the guy who will take over for the next four years.

Expect more disrespect. Expect more anarchy!

They will never be peace as long as the fuhrer Donald J. Trump is in power.

Democrats better fight Trump. They better treat him like the Republicans treated Obama.

I warn Democrats that going "soft" isn't the way of winning. If Republicans complained and their allies amplified the message, they got their voters out. Let's fight dirty, rotten and nasty!

You liberal agitators better start acting like that old fart Rush Limbaugh and Sean "Softball" Hannity.

Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Stephanie Miller, Joe Madison, Lawrence O'Donnell, Alan Colmes, Leslie Marshall, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Van Jones, Keith Olbermann, John Fugelsang, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid and Bill Press better stop being pacifists.

Get on the bullhorn and start rallying your base to these Republican town halls and events. Shout them down like the Tea Party did the Democratic lawmakers.

I can't wait til the lawmakers have their town halls. I can imagine that progressives will start a "revolution". I hope a Democratic lawmaker disrespect the fuhrer during his "Fate of the Union" speech.

And let's stop treating Fox News as a news channel. Fuck these assholes. The network is an orgy room of old white male perverts.

The softball, perverts like Bill O'Reilly and Tucker Carlson rant and rave for ratings. Why don't these so-called progressives start ranting and raving?

Fox News agitator Geoff Jenkins confronts a 11 year old boy. The boy expresses his frustrations with the system and he made his feelings known on live television.

Hey, Carter.

If you stay in college you could be a progressive agitator and have your show canceled or low rated.

If you drop out of college, you make money like Sean "Softball" Hannity, internet creeper Matt Drudge, white extremist twink Milo Yannopoulos and old fart Rush Limbaugh. They make money swaying their base with ignorance.

Progressives need less college and more blue collar in their ranks. I'm not saying drop out of college, but think like a blue collar. These blue collar people are reactionary and totally ignorant to facts.

Lie and lie until it actually becomes a campaign issue. The kookster Alex Jones and the fuhrer managed to get the birther issue rolling. Fox News and conservative blogs got the Muslim smears running. The junk food media is giving White extremism a new name. It's called the "alt-right" and they are riding this canard to mainstream.

And at 12pm on Friday, you will have Donald John Trump, Sr. and Michael Richard Pence will become your leaders. I offer only a few words for the two and their families.....


I am aware of the Deplorable Ball and the lackluster Trump Inauguration Concerts. I am going to cover this in simple terms.


More commentary on the boy saying "screw the president".


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