Thursday, January 05, 2017

North Carolina Cop Slams Teen!

Cop slams a teen into the ground in North Carolina.

Would you want this done to your child?

Hopeful that law enforcement agencies finally root out the corruption within their ranks. They have to rid themselves of the perception, the corruption, the racism, the nepotism and the sexism within their agencies.

With fuhrer Donald J. Trump and vice fuhrer Mike Pence coming to power in 15 days, their Attorney General in waiting could make it easier for a person to obtain a firearm. This beady eyed bigot named Jeff Sessions will ignore systematic racism within the police. He might toss out the recommendations from Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. He could instigate profiling of Black, Hispanic, Native American and Muslim activists who protest injustices.

This Sessions guy will not pursue any federal charges against police officers who violate the constitutional rights of people of color.

Let's head to Rolesville, North Carolina. The city is 30 miles from Raleigh and it's the scene of a brutal attack by the city police on a young teenager.
Cop in the freezer after video showed him brutally taking a female student to the ground.
A police officer was caught on video assaulting a teen. The teen was body slammed by a high school resource officer for the city police. The resource officer was

The video circulated online showing now identified officer Ruben De Los Santos body slamming a young female student on the ground. She was picked up by the torso and then tossed on the ground hard.

The 9-second video shows the teen picked up by her right arm and being lead away by the body slam.

Jasmine Darwin was the victim in the video. She tells the junk food media, that she was defending her sister from being assaulted by another teen.

The police released a statement on the matter. They immediately placed De Los Santos in the freezer.

"We will work diligently to review any and all pertinent information so that we can provide an accurate account of the events," said Rolesville Police.

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