Monday, January 23, 2017

More Mass Shootings: San Antonio Mall!

Mass shooting inside the mall sparked by a man's reckless need to be a hero?

Reminder, a good guy with a gun is still a threat. A police officer sees a "good guy" with a gun as a threat. That's probably why it's best to leave the criminals to the law. They are trained to handle situations. A "good guy" with a gun could accidentally shoot an innocent person.

Don't lose your life over property.

It's best to lose the property than lose your life. If you want to die a hero, try to neutralize the threat.

This is what happened in San Antonio.
A man's foolish actions to save property cost him his life. His wife now buries him.
One person lost their life trying to stop a jewelry thief. The robbery was botched from the start.

Five people were injured after two men tried to rob Kay Jewelers inside the Rolling Oaks Mall.

The victim killed was a retired Marine named Jonathan Murphy. The man and his wife were inside Kay when it went down. Murphy was trying to stop the robbery by being the "good samaritan".

Murphy shot one of the suspects. The other suspect saw it and bucked Murphy quickly.

Now that Murphy's "good guy" instinct triggered a mass shooting, five others paid the price for his actions. The suspects deserve most of the blame but Murphy also takes the blame as well.

He decided to be a hero and it cost him his life.
Suspect caught. Other suspect fights for his life.
The suspect who was shot is fighting for his life in the hospital. The second suspect was fingered as 34 year old Jason Prieto. He will face murder and robbery charges. The other suspect could face charges as well.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

A woman complained of chest pains. Another woman went into labor because of the panic.

All the while, inept police chief William McManus is trying to explain the rise in criminal activity in the seventh largest city in the United States.

So the fault of this senseless act of violence lies on the feet of fuhrer Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Greg Abbott, the Republican Party and the NRA.

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