Friday, January 27, 2017

Megyn Kelly Bumps Tamron Hall And Al Roker!

Today faces another scandal. Tamron Hall and Al Roker get bumped from the Today show for Megyn Kelly.

NBC rewards a divisive agitator named Megyn Kelly her own talk show. Her talk show will bump MSNBC anchor and Today host Tamron Hall and Today weatherman Al Roker from their third hour.

Phil Griffin once again puts Today into a crossfire of scandal. Kelly's arrival was unexpected. It was also a shift towards more tabloid and less news.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are safe. The two will continue to share a wine and gossip on Today. So they're safe for now!

Savannah Guthrie can breathe a sigh of relief. She won't lose her spot for now!

Kelly will take a spot in September.

Tamron Hall is frustrated with the decision and is on her way out. She believes that Kelly's past statements towards groups like Black Lives Matter and then President Barack Obama makes her a divisive figure.

"Everyone has been left in the dark and no one knows why there's such a disruption when shows are doing so well across the board," said an insider. Another added, "People are pissed. The third hour was beating every syndicated show across the board. They were in over their head and bit off more than they can chew when they hired Megyn Kelly."
Conservative agitator gets her way.
Kelly, who held a spot on Fox News for over 10 years abruptly left the network in January after contractual agreements went sour. Kelly who won praise for getting Roger Ailes fired from the network he created. Ailes came under fierce scrutiny for allegations of sexual harassment against Gretchen Carlson, Laurie Dhue, Alyson Camerota, Andrea Tantaros and Kelly.

Ailes was unceremoniously fired from the network. Kelly also felt that Ailes left her hanging when then candidate Donald J. Trump was trashing on her after the first debate.

Kelly won praise for opening up the dirty secrets at Fox News. However, we never forget the divisive and downright racist nonsense she promoted on that network.

Attacking Black Lives Matter, smearing Michael Brown, insulting DL Hughley, hosting assholes like Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Mark Fuhrman and George Will kind of makes her lightening rod.

Now Kelly muscling her way into a timeslot hosted by two longtime fixtures on America's Number 1 Daytime News Program is the latest insult towards Black America.

Oh by the way, Fuhrer Trump who has been very vocal about the junk food media. He is blaming them for his negative job approval ratings. Now he is turning to Sean "Softball" Hannity and others for guidance.

The tiny hands plays softball with the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media.

Doubt he'll be playing softball with Kelly. He believes she has blood coming out of where ever!

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