Friday, January 13, 2017

Lady Liberty Gonna Be Black!

First time ever, a Black women will appear on a coin.

The U.S. Mint rolls out a new coin. The new $1.00 coin for the first time will feature a Black woman.

The mint will celebrate 225 years by minting this county with Lady Liberty depicted as a Black woman. The 24k gold coin will be the first of a series of coins that will also carry depictions of Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and Indian-American women, says the U.S. Mint.

The last gold coin was Sacagawea, the Native American woman who helped Meriwether Lewis and William Clark through the rugged United States. The last dollar coin was Susan B. Anthony, an American activist who fought for voting rights for women.

Then of course, our past presidents were on the dollar coins as well. The current living presidents and soon to be fuhrer won't be added on coins until death.

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