Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Did The Junk Food Media Bury A Man Being Kidnapped?

The White extremists are pissed that four criminals hogtied a man with special needs. They claim the junk food media buried the story because the suspects were Black and the victim was White.

Be warned the video and language is disturbing.

I don't blame Barack Obama or Black Lives Matter for the acts of these people. I rather blame the fuhrer Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Bruce Rauner, Rahm Emanuel and Facebook for the actions of these people.

Brittany Herring, expect death threats. This is the results of your ignorance and reckless behavior to a person with special needs. Your utter disrespect to this human being is no different than those men who brutalize victims in them terrorist videos.

The white extremists are once again livid over a woman who broadcast the beating of a man on Facebook Live. The attack happened in Chicago and the suspects are in custody. But according to the white extremists, this is "racially motivated crime" and the fault belongs on Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter. In the video it has some notable quotes and the suspects are taunting the victim.

The video is 30-minutes long and it has the suspects shouting at the victim, "fuck Donald Trump" and "fuck White people".

The suspects were Black and the victim was White.
One of the suspects is going to get death threats once she gets out of Cook County lockup.
An 18 year old man with special needs was taken from suburbs and held against his will. He was bounded and gagged.

In the video, several people look on as one of the people laid the knuckle style chili on the victim.

The video begins with the group of apparent captors yelling at the tied up man. They cut the sleeves of his sweatshirt as one says they're going to make him "butt ass naked."

The woman filming the video then appears to realize she's on Facebook Live, but continues recording as she smokes. The video also includes numerous references to drinking and getting drunk.

The group makes several references to Donald Trump at the beginning of the video, yelling his name and cursing him.

Another video was also posted on Facebook with the caption "#Trump Got Us #Fuckedup On My #DeadHomie."

The second video, which you can watch below, shows the group taunting the victim and forcing him to drink from a toilet.

Four of the suspects were taken into custody. They are innocent until proven guilty. Kidnapping charges itself carry up to 20 years in the iron college. If the federal government under the fuhrer gets involved, a hate crimes charge could carry 15 years.

Every suspect is guilty before proven innocent in the minds of concern trolls.

These concern trolls outed the suspect that was involved in the attack. The hashtag #brittanyherring and #blmkidnapping was trending online. Of course, white extremists often blame Black Lives Matter for every act caused by a Black criminal.

From now on, any criminal act motivated by either race, gender, sexuality, religion, or nationality will solely rest on the feet of Trump and the minions of the conservative media.

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