Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sheriff Coon Clarke's Misadventures!

Looney Coon.
Now that's he getting mainstream attention for being a vocal opponent of Black Lives Matter, the controversial Wisconsin sheriff, David Clarke, Jr. is now facing pressure. Many in the area want him to do his job. They want him to focus on the city of Milwaukee and the county. They want him to stop making an ass of himself on television and radio.

There's no signs of him ending his reign of terror. The junk food media has propped this Black lawman as the voice of anti-Black resentment. He is an elected Democrat who talks like a Republican. He wears cowboy hats and acts like he's a tough guy. He call residents to arm themselves when it came to Blacks robbing them. He said that those who died in his custody deserved their fates.

He has such disdain for the regards of human life. He is being considered for a position in the fuhrer's administration.

He claims to be a "no nonsense" lawman. He spent the last three years bashing on Barack Obama.

Now the pressure is on.

Milwaukee County is launching an investigation into the sheriff's misbehavior on a plane and social media. Earlier this year he got into a huge spat with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a liberal agitator who appears on CNN and HuffPost Media.

In a set of tweets, Clarke called Hill a "JIGABOO".

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating the sheriff and his department. They believe that the sheriff is abusing his powers and not giving interns in his county lockup the proper health and treatment.

He recently got into a few spats with the junk food media, activists, and regular people.

One incident that happened recently involved a man and him on the same flight where he was detained by the county boys after he got off.

Dan Black filed a complaint against Clarke after the sheriff got angry with him over a dispute over the fuhrer's election. Black said that six deputies and two K-9 units waited at General Mitchell International Airport. They detained him and then questioned him for over 15 minutes. Then he was let go.

Clarke went to social media to brag about the encounter. He said he would knock this person out.

"Next time [Black] or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out. The sheriff said he does not have to wait for some goof to assault him. He reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault. "

Clarke called Black a "little man" who had the audacity to spew such vile garbage at the fuhrer.

The sheriff took aim at the junk food media. He said that it's all fake news and blamed a county executive for the news blowing up.

Chris Abele is getting annoyed by the antics. He warned Clarke to knock it off or face a state investigation. Clarke ignored the comments and started trashing on him.

He called Abele a supporter of Mrs. Bill Clinton, a knock at perennial failure Hillary Clinton. He said that this complaint, the abuse allegations in the county lockup, the brutalizing of a female motorist, the shooting of unarmed people by the law, and the audit a political witch hunt.

Governor and failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is starting to notice but hasn't taken any action on Clarke or any authority figure in Milwaukee County.

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI), Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) the U.S. Justice Department and NAACP are noticing the antics as well.

Moore said an incident involving Shade Swayzer prompt a federal investigation. The woman gave birth to her child while being held in lockup. Correction officers refused to aid her while giving birth.

The baby died after the staff gave no proper treatment to her. She is suing the county for the death.

Terrell Thomas was asking for water and was dehydrated. He was suffering from bipolar disorder and was having a mental breakdown. The officers shut off the water and let him die. Other interns said that the guards turned off the water on purpose.

Kristian Fiebrink was found dead in her cell. The family doesn't understand how she died in custody.

Michael Madden had a seizure after he hit his head while in lockup. The man would die while in custody. The staff ignored his pleas that he was having a headache.

There are allegations of correction officers having affairs with the interns and abusing them while in custody.

Clarke dismissed them and said that the witch hunts are part of the "snowflakes" bemoaning him over his support for the fuhrer.

Snowflake is a term now the White extremists are labeling progressive activists and Black leaders.

Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. It's still divided among the racial, social and economic lines. When a riot broke out in the city last year, the county's sheriff and governor both wanted the National Guard involved. They felt that the city of Milwaukee couldn't handle the riots.

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