Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Yung Mazi Got A Lead Sandwich Instead Of Waffles!

Rapper Yung Mazi had a lead sandwich and a hospital bill.

Atlanta rapper Yung Mazi was bucked in the chest at a local Waffle House in the Buckhead neighborhood. He and his girlfriend were enjoying some breakfast when a terrorist shot him mulitple times and taking off.

The terrorist is still at large and the Atlanta Metro Police are checking the cameras for vehicle and pedestrian movement around Piedmont Road.

Police say that Mazi was ordering the food when he was shot.

He is reportedly recovering from the shooting. No condition was released at this time.

As most rappers, they usually brag about the "trap life". Mazi said it est, he's been shot over 10 times and he said that "looks like that type of dude" that strokes fear in the weak. He's after all a "real dude" from the streets of Atlanta.

He said that he might walk around with at least $250K in jewelry on and not worry about people noticing.

Mazi is a devout Muslim and is the father of three children.

In his biography he states he was shot five times --- one bullet hitting him in the head and leaving him temporarily brain damaged, almost ending his life.

"When the bullet hit me in the head it greatly affected me. I had to learn how to read, write, and speak all over again. I'm still not 100% right. I tried doing my daughter's elementary school homework and it was hard. I couldn't count money. My brother had to send text messages for me from my phone. It was deep."

After this shooting, I hope he reconsiders the "trap life" before going back into the studio.

Free My Bruddas 2 Mixtape

Yung Mazi - Free My Bruddas 2

The rapper has ties to "trap life" rapper Kevin Gates and Waka Flocka Flame.

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