Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Happened To Jacqueline Craig And Her Family?

A mother from Texas was arrested after she smarted off an officer. The officer was called on a report a man put his hands on her child and she wanted to press charges.

Thankfully nobody was killed in this incident.

I wonder if the next mass shooting of law enforcement will be the fault of this officer and not Black Lives Matter.

Because 40 miles east, the Dallas Metro Police were ambushed by this terrorist. This terrorist murdered five officers. Later that year, Baton Rouge was the scene of a mass shooting. Three officers were murdered.

Expect more police incidents with people of color. Expect more good police officers being killed because of the bad officers.

Expect Black Lives Matter to be a player in the fuhrer's term. Will it go away? Maybe. But given the power of cameras and public shaming, this group will be around. The White extremist movement they labeled the alt-right and all the players of the conservative junk food media will denounce this group.

They will call BLM it a "terrorist organization" and the "murderers of cops".

Is it time to call conservatives, the enablers of "genocide" and the enablers of "corruption?"

I place the blame of this incident on Fuhrer Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. They refuse to support police reform and advocate for the genocide of Americans through gun violence. They defend the actions of corrupt police officers and agencies. They would endorse the notion that a person's minor criminal history is deservence of death. So I expect that one of Fuhrer Trump's minions underneath the bandwidth will make note of the criminal history of the victim.

An incident where a Fort Worth mother called the law on a neighbor after he put his hands on a child became an altercation between her and the officer. The officer would arrest her and two of her daughters. The daughter while recording the officer was arrested. She would bond out of county lockup and post this video and demand for the officer to fired out the cannon. She would also demand the man who put his hands on the child be arrested.

Jacqueline Craig, can be heard telling an officer that she called the law on a neighbor who assaulted her son.

Craig tells the officer the man who accused her son of littering was choked. The man choked the boy after he ignored him. As the officer and Craig talk, things got escalated when he decided "lecture" the mother about how to raise her child. That eventually led to the arrest of Craig, Brea Hymond and the person filming Porsha Carver.

According to the junk food media, the women are still in county lockup pending charges. The man who put his hands on the boy wasn't arrested.

The officer was named by last name in the video. The Forth Worth Police hasn't released his name to the junk food media. But it's noted his name is Martin. So it won't take long before the name and social media of the officer be put in the junk food media.

They'll defend his actions for the most part. It will take the comments he addressed to the woman to undo him. It will be the officer ignoring a serious crime that will undo him. He had no business speaking an opinion to a victim. He should have taken all the information from the woman about the man who put his hands on that boy.

He should not have arrested her because she "smarted off" to him. He should have taken his parenting skills to his own children. I thought police officers were not your parents. He is a public servant and he can be filmed by civilians. Photography is not a crime. Cussing at an officer is not a crime.

I want to know the name of the guy who put his hands on that little boy!

That officer needs to be fired out the cannon. His actions were out of line and conservatives are going to defend this scum.

I know you want to vent off about this issue. No comments here. The only opinion that matters to me is mine and S. Baldwin. But if you feel that it's not right, let your voice be heard. After all, I want to know what the opposition is thinking. I want to know how to take on such stubbornness and such vile individuals who don't value the lives of all humans.

Starting Friday, I will leave a post for you to "shout out". Any posting I made will have no comments made on it. I will make a page specifically for comments. Please leave a name and a message. 

Offensive or not I will read it. I will address it.

Anonymous comments will be deleted. There's no trolling here. 

So if you want to drop a comment without leaving a name, it's deleted.

Here's a bonus feature. One of the officers on Fort Worth's victim and crimes unit was fired out the cannon after botching up a child rape case. A 15 year old girl was raped and the former detective Dennis Hutchins in July 2016 mishandled multiple child abuse cases.

Maybe Martin might join Hutchins in the unemployment line.

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