Monday, December 12, 2016

Utah Woman Body Shamed Worker In Front Of Her Children!

Woman body shames ice cream parlor worker. Justine Elwood is beautiful and deserves respect.

Ah, clickbait stories. The more the merrier. Tis the season to be nasty!

Especially to those in the retail field.

In the state of Utah, a young woman in Layton was insulted by a customer. The customer insulted the worker while she was serving her at Coldstone Creamery and then went to Yelp to go even further.

The woman called her disgusting.

"She was giving me dirty looks the whole time and it was kind of weird but I helped her and then she said 'if you continue to eat too much ice cream you're going to look like her,' and I continue to help her and that's it," said Justine Elwood, the woman who was body shamed by this slimeball.

It wasn't the end of this. The woman then took to social media to rant about the experience.

"Coldstone has been one of our favorite places to go as a family and enjoy quality ice cream, specifically the Layton location. Unfortunately, I have had a specifically unsatisfying experience the last few times we have come into the store. One of their female employees Jessie? Jennifer? J something, is disgustingly obese, and each time we come in, although she does her job, and is very polite, instantly makes my appetite disappear. I understand the need to hire bias free, but when someones [sic] looks interfere with my experience at an establishment [sic] I can't help but complain. As a mother I don't like my children thinking they will look that way by eating too much ice cream. Overall a good establishment with fast service, and delightful treats. We love Coldstone [sic] just not all the employees."

Her mom Daphne Moore Felley took to social media to ask for the name of the person who insulted her daughter. She was so pissed that she wanted to serve her a five finger roll with a side of toe jam.

"At first I was really angry and I wanted to find the person and say face to face what are you thinking to say that kind of stuff and then it turn to well, you might as well make a good thing of it because what are you going to do? Justine is the one who said she forgave her so after that we just thought we'd make something good of it."

Felley managed to get Yelp to remove the post but she demands the public to out this Elanie S.

"I need everyone's help, especially in the Layton area!! Find this horrible woman Elaine S!! This awful person posted this on Yelp about someone very special to me and belittled her to her face! Please if you know of a woman with children in Layton that goes by the name Elaine, last name starts with S, please let me know and share so we can stop this bullying!! Thanks Daph."

Once Justine returned back to work, she was greeted with heartwarming. People across the city and nation gave her support. She was thankful for the kind words of the community.

Of course in Donald J. Trump's America, fat shaming is real. The controversial billionaire/racist/sex ist/pussy grabbing/immature reality television star will be your next fuhrer.

He and his Christian extremist partner will rollback the good that President Barack Obama accomplished.

You're beautiful, Justine. Ignore the haters and stay true! Ignore the hate.

Fuck what that beeyotch says!

Hopefully when they find this trash, the junk food media will take her out! | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

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