Monday, December 26, 2016

NYPD Snapchats A Family Under Arrest!

This is New York Police Department's finest using our taxpayer dollars to mock a family being handcuffed.

The power of social media has a New York Police Department officer in the freezer. I guess it must have been really funny using Snapchat to take a picture of a woman and her family under arrest.

This knucklehead wasn't named in the junk food media, but the person who was arrested was.

Kimberly Santiago was embarrassed to see herself along with her family handcuffed in her living room and it was shared on social media.

The Brownsville, Brooklyn woman claimed the NYPD broke into her mother's third floor apartment during a "NO KNOCK". The NYPD forced her and six other family members out of bed while pointing guns at them.

She said the reason they were given by police for the lockdown was "so no one will go crazy or act up," while they were searching the place.

Santiago and her family were handcuffed for three hours, while an officer who was watching them decided to take a picture and post it through social media. Santiago's friend saw the pictures and contacted her immediately.

One of the postings said "Merry Christmas it's NYPD!!" and the other "Warrant Sweeps it's still a party smh."

According to the warrant, they were looking for a suspect named JD Blue. The apartment was the last known location or the place where his mail was sent. The officers were searching for him and decided to rouse all those who were inside the apartment. The person was allegedly having tattoos on both arms and a mole on his face.

Santiago said none of the family knew the man. They were shaken by the event. "My mom almost got a heart attack," she said. "I told them 'leave me in handcuffs but take my mother's off please.'"

The officers at least had a heart. Her father passed away and was cremated. She begged the law not to search the ashes. They obligated to that request.

Once the photo was sent to her phone, she made a formal complaint and said that officers took or damaged property in this "NO KNOCK".

Santiago is now fearful that the same event could occur again.
NYPD arrest a woman who is topless .
"Every time here's a knock on the door we're nervous, it messed us up," she said. "How did my mom's apartment become a situation they had to raid? Did they have any proof or cause to lead to all of this? I need answers, they got to do more than suspending?"

Placing my bets on that racist dick Patrick Lynch of the NYPD Union to defend this scum. I bet you money that an internal review will just net him less than 45 days off the beat and loss of pay. But after a few weeks of retraining, he'll be ready to buck an unarmed homeowner.

NO KNOCK WARRANTS are controversial. The judge issues a late warrant for law enforcement to engage on an individual or a property. This allows law enforcement to enter a property without notification. It is under the belief that the law could expect the individual could destroy evidence or be packing heat.

Some people are mistaken for the suspect and it could be deadly for the homeowner or the law.

Oftentimes its considered lawful and constitutional by a federal judge to issue these warrants.

It is truly a controversial issue that will merit a Supreme Court challenge. It goes against the Fourth, Fifth and Eight Amendment.

But if you're a Black, Hispanic or Muslim homeowner, the Constitution doesn't matter to the law or the concern trolls who automatically assume guilt before innocence.

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