Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Michigan Firefighter Found The Cannon Wasn't Filled With Water!

Firefighter fired out the cannon for racist post.
The city of Belding is looking for a new firefighter.

Now in the fuhrer's America, a White firefighter can get into an ALL CAPS rage over Black Lives Matter and NFL's Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem. Now he learns that he's out of a job and the junk food media will take out the trash.

Someone had to put this dumpster fire named Ryan Hudson out. He was fired out the cannon after he posted racist comments on social media. He is a former U.S. Marine turned firefighter for the city of Belding, Michigan.

Belding is 30 miles from Grand Rapids.

He got into a heated conversation with a black woman named Tarvenia. She is from California and she was none too happy to read the word vomit from this dumbass.

The New York Daily News report that a posting about Donald J. Trump going after Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) prompt Tarvenia to comment that her brother was also a veteran and her support for San Francisco 49ers' Kaepernick when he kneeled during the anthem to protest police brutality.

"Your brother can pack up and leave this country. I don't care if he is a vet or not. I am a vet and what [Kaepernick] is try to represent is wrong," said Hudson.
California woman let Belding know that a member of the team has racial hatred towards Blacks.
Tarvenia said, why should my brother leave the country. What set this asshole off was a mention of Black Lives Matter, the group who protests against racial injustice.

"Fuck Black Lives Matter. You are the epitome of a NIGGER. All lives matter. And if you think it's just Black lives, kiss my ass bitch and go back to the fields that use in the north fought to free you from," said Hudson.

When she posted that on HelloRacist, it went viral. Now Belding's fire chief Greg Moore had to place Hudson in the water cannon and fire his ass across the street.
Troll picked a fight with the wrong woman.
"Yes we do have free speech in this country, but free speech does not mean you're safe from the consequences of your free speech and your decisions," the woman told WXMI-TV. "We don't just get to spout off at the mouth and spew hatred and ignorance."

Hudson claimed he was drunk at the time. Yeah, right. I bet you money he trolled the social media to drop the NIGGER word around Black commentators.

His non-sincere apology.

"It's very out of character for me," said Hudson. "I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart because it doesn't reflect everybody."

He's sorry only for the fact he got caught.

Hudson didn't check out those websites called HelloRacist.com and racistgetfired.tumblr.com .

I blame fuhrer in waiting Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence and Rick Snyder for the actions of this asshole and those who troll social media. These people in the public sector are showing their true colors when it comes to the lives of all Americans.

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