Thursday, December 22, 2016

I Dare You Take Away My Healthcare You Chickensh*t Republicans!

The inept Republican leaders will attempt another repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act despite high enrollment and positive results.  Fuhrer Trump wants the law scrapped. Republican congress can't figure out an alternative. They could kick 30 million people off health insurance.

I dare you Republicans to repeal my healthcare. 

The fuhrer and the Republican mafia continue to push forward their repeal and replace Obamacare objective. Even though it survived a Supreme Court ruling, millions of new enrollment, and working state mandated healthcare exchanges, Republicans rather see you lose your insurance and place you in a position where the healthcare industry will put you in the poor house for a just a simple visit.

With the 115th Congress having a Republican president, a Republican controlled Congress and the possibility of a Supreme Court pick who can rollback the law, it's likely Obamacare will be repealed.

Democrats are seething with revenge but no real plan to stop the Republicans from accomplishing their long held objective.

I certainly will waste no time burdening Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), my local congressmen Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) will signs calling a bunch of "pussies".

I mean signs and name calling won't do much. Death threats will earn you federal time out. Harassing them could lead to you being banned from government properties or events that host lawmakers.

Calling in to a radio show won't help much either. It only gets your voice heard and ease frustration.

What can you actually do with these pussies?

These pussies along with the rest of the Republican controlled Congress get healthcare for life. They get perks for being elected. They spend about 1/3 or less of their time actually doing their jobs. They spend most of their time taking earmarks and trying to get reelected despite having no reasonable accomplishments.

I mean think about how Turner's pork benefited the cities of Dayton, London and Xenia.

Think about how Jordan's pork benefited the cities of Urbana and Sandusky.

Think about how Davidson's pork benefited the cities of Eaton, West Chester and Troy.

They have no real accomplishments respectfully. The only real accomplishment is the fact that Jordan gets airtime on Sean "Softball" Hannity's show. Turner and Davidson are rank-in-file Republicans who vote with the herd.

Each of them show nothing but contempt for the status quo.

In my opinion, Turner and Davidson are likely to be the ones to be caught in a sex scandal.

Yet they are rewarded with another term and it's like nothing ever happened.

Some of Fuhrer Donald J. Trump's promises is to build a border wall that Mexico will pay for. He wants to have a Muslim ban. He wants to keep refugees from war torn nations from entering the U.S. until they go through extreme vetting. He wants to have Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines built. He wants to tear up the Iranian nuclear deal. He wants the Dodd-Frank banking regulations repealed. He wants to sue his alleged accusers of sexual harassment. He wants to replace the healthcare law because in his opinion it's a disaster. He believes that if we bomb the shit out of the Islamic State, we can win this endless war on terror. He wants punish companies that move out the United States despite some of his affiliates and his own brands being made in foreign countries. He wants to exit NATO. He wants to make our allies pay for military defense (but give special privileges to Israel). He also wants to keep the press from knowing what he's doing by regulating who gets press access to the White House (and Trump Tower).

He wants to grab the world by the pussy. Republicans are willing to give him what he wants.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are willing drop their pants and let Trump get him some.

Republicans signal a fast repeal of the law.

Despite having no suitable replacement, the Republicans are playing their bets on a fickle voter base.

Obamacare as its called by the Republican mafia is actually known as the Affordable Healthcare and Patient Protection Act. The law was signed in two portions in 2010. The law requires Americans to enroll for primary health insurance. In order to keep cost low, the federal government gives exchanges to states to help low income or newcomers the opportunity to enroll for insurance without going through private providers. Some private providers pulled out because of the Republican kill switch. The switch allowed private providers to opt out when their costs outweigh the government's costs. You must enroll into a healthcare exchange before January 31 of the following year. If not, you might be penalized on your federal taxes.

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