Tuesday, December 20, 2016

He Ain't On His Girl's Tour!

Nicki Minaj dropped Meek Mill.

Well rapper/singer Nicki Minaj's relationship with Meek Mill appears to be over.

I guess he's not on his girl's tour. Taking "L's" is something Meek Mill is good for. The rapper's credibility was shattered by Nicki Minaj's labelmate Drake. The two were faced-off in the "Great Pop War of 2015".

Meek Mill was hammered in two hard hitting disses and he never recovered from it.

The junk food media reported that the two were taking subliminal shots at each others and unfollowed each other on social media.

The Philadelphia rapper even went as far to posting a mystery woman's backside adorned in a red, lacy, ensemble to his captioning "Sitting back like....$avage... just friends." The rapper deleted the post but it was enough to spark rumors of the rapper cheating.

Bossip reports that man in the city already that Meek and this boutique owner named Sonye were an item for over a year. Meek may have been using his DC4 money to help this girl get her own business off the ground.

At the time, Nicki Minaj didn't this girl was hanging around the Chasers. She thought it was on of his posse's girls.

Cheat Mill....Weak Mill.... Meeky Mouse...

It's a damn shame that Nicki Minaj was played by son. Meek Mill still a boy trying to be a man.

Here's the single Froze from the DC4 album. Meek Mill featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil' Uzi Vert.

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