Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Crooked A** Netanyahu Found Common Ground With The Fuhrer!

The D'evil's are in the details!

If criticizing the genocide of Palestinians by a brutal Israeli military is anti-semitic, then you're dumb as fuck!

Palestinians are being terrorized by a government that claims to be for the freedom of all people.

They are being evicted from their homes. The military and police are shooting children and raping women. And the junk food media always seems to be on the side of Israel.

I am so tired of the conservatives.

In a 3:1 fight, Israel is winning and we're paying for it. The United States gives billions of dollars to crooked foreign leader. President Barack Obama doesn't bow to right wing leaders. That's why fuck faces like Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu are so glad a Republican got into the White House.

They could string this dummy up and drag us again into another endless war.

Netanyahu and his Likud Party were none too happy after the United Nations condemned Israel for ignoring the settlement ban. The Israeli government continues to built in East Jerusalem and it's stroking tension with the Arab world. The United State, the European Union and the Asian Pacific Alliance are getting tired of this conflict.

The U.S. abstained itself from a voting resolution causing its passing. Netanyahu privately was calling Obama a "NIGGER". He said that Obama had tuned his back on Israel.

Well if Obama was really turning his back on Israel, he should pull the military aid.

As Obama leaves the White House, he leave the Afghanistan War and the semi-ongoing Iraqi War. The fuhrer Donald J. Trump will take over with ambitions that could spell trouble for world leaders.

He has no political experience and yet believes his "charming" personality will grab the world by the pussy.

Fuhrer Trump and Christian terrorist Mike Pence both are inept in governing but the ignorance has spoken.

The Times of Israel and The Daily Mail are doing dirt digging on the Netanyahu administration.

Netanyahu is facing a "criminal investigation" over bribery and fraud claims after police were handed new documents in the case, it has emerged.

Netanyahu saying that the investigation is bullshit and its Obama's plot to get rid of him.

Fuck Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and this White extremist movement called the alt-right.


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