Monday, December 05, 2016

Cop Walk In Walter Scott Murder!

Killer walks after a juror decides that he was in the right.

When has there ever been a cop tried for murder of an unarmed citizen?

I'm waiting on your answer.

Michael Slager gets to go home for the time being. This man is being charged with the murder of Walter Scott. The jury had a mistrial because of one juror's belief that the former North Charleston officer's actions were not negligent. The juror could not "with good conscience consider a guilty verdict."

This high profile trial was flawed from the beginning. He tried to defend his actions by saying that he felt his life was in danger and he had to take down the threat.

Slager if convicted would face LIFE in the iron college.

The police dash camera footage shows that Slager pulled Walter off for a broken tail light. Walter gave Slager his license and explained that he was in the process of getting the vehicle in his name.
Walter Scott was tragically killed by a corrupt cop.
Walter was wanted for child support and feared he would be arrested. He would bolt out the vehicle and Slager would give chase.

Slager would deploy the Taser on Walter. When Walter freed himself of the Taser, Slager would deploy deadly force. He would shot his service weapon eight times. Five rounds hit Walter and he dropped.

Slager would then handcuff Walter and drop the Taser near him. Unaware that Feidin Santana was recording the entire encounter on film. Santana would then go to the junk food media and shatter the narrative that Walter was charging at Slager.

Slager was immediately fired from the North Charleston Police and then charged. He was held on a $2 million get out of jail card,

So far, the whole ordeal has been nothing more than a circus. When this juror decided that Slager didn't commit a criminal act, it basically set the killer free.

Now we wait and see if the state prosecutors will retry this slimeball.


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