Thursday, December 08, 2016

Conservative Outrage Over Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie!

Major movie coming out and conservatives are boycotting it.

Cue the irony....!

Now the conservatives want to ban Disney and LucasFilms movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Film.

According to the fake news websites, the writers for the upcoming movie slipped references to controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature fuhrer in waiting Donald J. Trump.

Some referred him to being a Nazi.

And that cause Trumpsters to go bananas. Some are calling for the firing of Disney's president and want people to boycott the movie.

Some white extremist named Jack Posobiec wrote that the Star Wars movie is anti-Trump.

White extremists are upset that the cast of the movie aren't White men. They believe the movie has an anti-White agenda.

Nearly all the major characters are non-White and the main characters is an empowered female according to one of the White extremists.

Now conservatives have boycotted CNN, Kellogg's, Starbucks, Hamilton; The Musical, Pepsi and now Star Wars. Most of these boycotts have little to no effect on their revenue. It may give those working for these companies death threats.

Watch the movie on Thursday December 15th for early screenings. Movie is out on Friday December 16th.


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