Thursday, December 22, 2016

Horseface Ann Coulter Dances With The Devil!

"Dynomite!" Ann Coulter and her alleged boyfriend Jimmie Walker of Good Times fame.

The Raw Story reports that a notorious agitator attended a White extremist Christmas party.

She is best known for writing books trashing on liberals and political leaders who support immigration reform. She calls herself an equal opportunity attack dog.

Ann Coulter was invited a special guest to VDare, a White extremist blog and organization that masquerades itself as the suit-and-tie version of the John Birch Society.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported Wednesday that Coulter was spotted Dec. 9 at VDARE’s annual gala and even gave an impromptu interview to John Derbyshire — a U.K. expat famous for being too openly racist for the National Review.

Coulter took another major step deep into white nationalism when she spoke to the annual “Writers Workshop” event put on by the anti-immigrant and white nationalist publishing house The Social Contract Press (TSCP).

Political correctness is off the table. In Fuhrer Trump's America, being honest isn't racist, sexist, or any "ist." It's being an American. I am adhering to the notion that since conservative enjoy attacking Black America, it's time to fight back against it.

I don't normalize White extremism. I will not support Fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Tomi Lahren is hoping to be like dick riding agitators Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin.

Lahren is the new face of the conservative movement. She's 24 years old. She is a hip-hop head. She is a blogger, an author, a techie, a gun aficionado and favorite shitkicker on The Blaze Network. She is an adamant supporter of fuhrer Trump.

She has already stole the spotlight from two boobs Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch.

She's blonde and pretty attractive.She parades herself as a "no nonsense conservative" who is willing to say things that are said in the comfort of the RW bubble. She is willing to get her panties wet messing around with Charlamagne The God and Trevor Noah. She is being normalized by the junk food media. She's not being called out for bullshit and her ties to the white extremist movement they labeled the alt-right.

She's new blonde beeyotch in the conservative movement.

Ann Coulter is the old skool version of Lahren. She's a chain smoking, author, and conservative agitator who frequently appears on Chris Matthews and Sean "Softball" Hannity's programs.

She often put on this act when the cameras are on. In public she really doesn't speak much to the junk food media. She often hides behind the pack of Marlboro Reds.

She has dated liberal/libertarian comedian Bill Maher, ex-felon Dinesh D'Souza, Andrew Stein and even washed up celebrity Jimmie Walker. Maher is atheist. D'Souza is of agitator of Asian descent. Stein is Jewish. Walker is Black.

Coulter enjoys pushing buttons. She "jokes" about things.

So far she's doing her gloating tour. She along with the softball are celebrating the fuhrer's trouncing of Hillary Clinton.

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