Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sure Looks Like It!

It's ugly in West Virginia and two women learned that. They called First Lady Michelle Obama an "ape in heels". Now finally these two ugly beeyotches on the left are fired out the cannon for these actions.

The Clay County, West Virginia worker who caused an uproar in November is fired out the cannon again. The worker known as Pamela Ramsey Taylor was fired out the cannon after the state governor got involved.

Taylor called First Lady Michelle Obama an "ape in heels" on social media. It was screen captured and shared through junk food media. Taylor who worked for the Clay County Development Corporation was iced for three weeks.

State officials said "enough is enough." They warned her bosses that if she continues to work for them, they lose funding for the community. The state and federal funding for the community means a whole lot to Clay County.

After all, poor rural White folks need the safety net, too!
They hate Michelle Obama because she's an educated and strong Black woman.
Nonetheless, the board took the warning seriously and decided that Taylor's stench was toxic.

Earl Ray Tomblin facing a tougher reelection bid said that Appalachian Area Agency on Aging will manage the development corporation for the next six months. They will root out the problems and get the corporation back on the right track.

This firing did also take a casualty. Beverly Whaling, the mayor of Clay resigned. She was one of the many assholes who loved the comment by Taylor.

While me and S. Baldwin covered this trash, there was another ugly beeyotch who called the lovely Michelle Obama the "first chimp" and President Barack Obama the "spider monkey in chief".

I blame the fuhrer Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Joe Manchin and Shelley Capito Moore for the actions of this ugly beeyotch and those who follow her.

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