Sunday, December 18, 2016

This F#ck Face Jeanine Pirro Attacks FLOTUS!

This horseface agitator Jeanine Pirro bemoans about Michelle Obama's comments about "hope."

First Lady Michelle Obama has often ignored the "noise" of her critics.

And like the gullible, I have to waste my time responding to this. I despise women of color attacking other women of color. I just detest how women of color are treated. Black woman are less than value to White people. And it's a shame that even some Black people and others believe this.

I have to give my response to this phony ass beeyotch named Jeanine Pirro. She is some agitator on Fox News who is catching popularity for her commentary. She's a woman born of African American and Lebanese descent.

A weekend agitator who once hosted a failed syndicated courtroom show wants to show out.

The first lady talks to Oprah on CBS about life after the White House. She says she's humble about the eight years. However she is disappointed with the way she and Barack were treated. She feels like there's no "hope" with this orange fuhrer named Donald J. Trump.

That comment earned the ire of the racists and Pirro.

Pirro wasted no time trying to piece apart Obama's comments.

"Since when does hope rise and fall with you and Barack?"

Then she would rant on about how "real Americans" know what hope feels like.

Peep this garbage.

Beeyotch please. You need to tuck that plastic back in your face. First Lady Michelle Obama is well loved among Americans. Only to people like you and that annoying conservative agitator Sean "Softball" Hannity believe the first lady doesn't love America.

I'm taking a knee and never standing for the flag. As long Republicans and Democrats continue the status quo, there's no real change. This orange fuhrer isn't going to change America. He's going to be wrangled with issues that he can't solve. He won't keep his promises and his administration will tell him how to handle a crisis. He can't bring America together.

America was never great and it will continue to be so in the age of Trump.

Black people aren't loving America. I am a Black male disgusted with America. I am frustrated with White privilege, racism, inequality at work, police officers murdering unarmed people of color, Republicans, armchair hand wringing and this White extremist movement they labeled the alt-right.

I am tired of being told how to think by the likes of White people and I don't believe in hypotheticals.

I don't like being hurt by women. I am starting to consider myself more closed minded when it comes to dating outside my race. I love Black, White, Asian and Latina women. But I am starting to feel more principled now that I might be a father.

I don't care what an internet troll thinks of me. They don't know me personally.

Trump is a controversial billionaire racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature manchild who was then a reality television star. Many Americans (including myself) will not respect him or Mike Pence as leaders.

I refuse to do so and I am proud of doing it.

This noise is getting mad airplay on social media by saying to the first lady that "America rejected you."

Hold on, beeyotch! America didn't reject Obama.
I'm going to miss Michelle Obama. She was real.
Barack Obama won two elections, beeyotch. Obama won in two landslides, while the soon-to-be orange fuhrer won barely. He didn't win the popular vote. He won the electoral college.

A landslide is the victory of both the electoral college and popular vote.

Trump had the junk food media unzip and pants and went down on him.

If you disagree with First Lady Michelle Obama, that's you're problem. But if you think that she's is rejected by America, I imagine that Donald Trump grabbed you by the pussy.

Yeah, Jeanine Pirro was grabbed by the pussy. Donald J. Trump grabbed her by the pussy and he doesn't apologize. It was "unpresidented" for Pirro to go after Obama. But what do expect from this phony plastic beeyotch of color.

Did you know that Pirro is nearly 70 years old and looks like she's at least in her 50s?

Plastic surgery couldn't save this ugly duckling.

Mind you, I am no holds barred when I address conservatives now. They don't believe in political correctness.

I still respect all women but just not her and others like her!


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