Friday, December 16, 2016

Corrupt Cop Is Trying To Pin Murder On The Victim!

Murder suspect Geronimo Yanez faces trial. He is trying to have it dismissed on grounds the victim was high. Yanez was a cop for the St. Anthony Police  He fatally shot Philando Castile after a traffic stop.

So I guess being on THC, having a busted taillight and looking like the guy who robbed a convenience store because of a "wide set nose" is grounds for death.

The Minnesota cop who murdered Philando Castile is trying to have the case dismissed on the grounds of the victim being "stoned". Geronimo Yanez and his attorneys are trying to blame the victim for his own death. The St. Anthony Police officer and his union believe that this is politically motivated through outcry from the public and Black Lives Matter.

Castile was pulled over for busted taillight. According to Yanez it was the victim who didn't follow a police order and prompt the fatal encounter.
Corrupt cop trying to place blame on the victim.
The traffic stop happened in Falcon Heights, which the St. Anthony Police aids for. His girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath of the fatal encounter.

Even with video of Philando's girlfirend Diamond Reynolds saying that Yanez shot him for no reason, the grand jury may allow this corrupt cop off.

In a statement, attorneys for Castile's mother said, "This is the designed play for the defense of police officers who kill citizens, always blame the victim," and "They want to say and have you believe that Philando was the negligent one and somehow that matters in excusing or defending the officer. It does not."

The deaths of unarmed Black men has been a big issue. The corrupt cops get off with justifiable murder.

And it inspires good cops to be killed.

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