Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Former 🐖 Sues City After She Was Cannon Fired For Flying The Stars And Bars!

Former Roswell sergeant sues city because she was fired out the cannon for flying the losing side of the Civil War.

Man it's getting hot in here....!

Deep in the red states of Fuhrer Trump, there lies a former lawman (or a former woman of the law) suing the city of her sworn duty. She claims that her old rebel heritage didn't inflict on her days as a woman of the law. After all in her days from rookie to a sergeant, she pulled over some rough ass folks.

You know them beady eyed Black men riding in her town. Probably up to no good. Inflicting on the rights of them Southern folks. She probably busted a car full of them.

But she none a racist, she claims.

Hers lawyer is a man who represents [persecuted people] of Southern heritage. He says that his job is to represent people who are hated, whose beliefs are unpopular and he's damn proud to do so.

And of course we's talking big money so she can gather her pension.

A former Georgia police sergeant is suing the city of Roswell, Georgia after she was fired out the cannon for flying the losing side of the Civil War on her property. He legal defense was an accused white extremist.

Silva Cotriss filed a freedom of speech lawsuit against the city after she was fired out the cannon for being an officer "unbecoming" of city. According to the lawsuit, this bigot decided to celebrate her "southern pride" by flying stars and bars on her Woodstock home.

She wasn't trying to rile up her community with the losing side of the flag.

This Southern Legal Resource Center is trying to defend her by saying that she was wrongfully fired out the cannon without given reason to explanation. Kirk Lyons, the lawyer representing Cotriss is apparently hiding a hood in his briefcase.

The Southern Poverty Law Center which monitors extremism says this lawyer has been affiliated with the Klan and white extremism for years.

Roswell Police declined to comment on the lawsuit. They send it to the city for further action.

WSMV Channel 4

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